For Service Providers – Web-to-Print & VDP

Intelligent software solutions that give Print Service Providers, In-Plant Organizations and Multimedia Agencies advanced marketing capabilities

  • With’s Web-to-Print and VDP technologies, print service providers can deliver a wide range of applications for end users in a number of different vertical markets. From customized billing transactions, to tailored brochures and newsletters or targeted direct mail campaigns, personalized print marketing solutions deliver meaningful and relevant information by tapping into existing customer or prospect data or acquiring data files from outside sources. Personalized graphic communication, whether online or print, has been proven to increase response rates, shorten response times, and increase the size and frequency of purchases.

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  • MarcomCentral® (PSP)

    MarcomCentral is a vendor-hosted (SaaS) web to print system that provides an automated solution for creating, printing and managing the delivery of static, versioned and variable data pieces. Using predefined, […]

  • FusionPro® VDP Creator

    FusionPro® VDP Creator (formerly FusionPro Desktop) is the industry-leading variable data publishing (VDP) solution that brings template design, data file definition, business logic and print-stream creation together into one cross-platform […]

  • FusionPro® VDP Producer

    FusionPro VDP Producer is a server-based application that accepts unlimited, simultaneous variable data publishing (VDP) job submissions into a centralized job queue, where they can be viewed and controlled from […]

  • FusionPro® Server

    FusionPro Server helps create and manage large-scale personalized marketing collateral programs using the core FusionPro variable data publishing (VDP) composition engine. It can be integrated with a variety of Web-to-print solutions […]

  • FusionPro® Expression

    Image personalization is an extremely powerful marketing tool that combines customer information, graphic fonts, and a background image to produce a set of compelling imagery that is specific to each recipient.

  • FusionPro® Links

    FusionPro Links makes personalized direct marketing programs easy to implement, manage and document for you and your customers. With this vendor-hosted platform, users can create a customized online response experience […]