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4 Common Problems Plaguing Marketing in Heavily Regulated Industries and How We Solve Them

By Jody Scheldt, 9/15/2015

4 common problems blog infographic1. Hundreds of Field Reps

A large team of field reps to promote and sell products and services is great for business, yet it can become problematic for the marketing organization when each field rep requires custom marketing materials for their region on a regular basis. Often a simple logo change or the addition of contact information is all that’s required to update an asset. However, when hundreds of reps are requesting small edits on a daily basis, the corporate marketing team becomes overwhelmed and can miss getting those assets to the field in time.

Solution: A marketing asset management tool, like MarcomCentral, lets the corporate marketing team create a repository of assets that allows a field rep to download whenever they need it. This self-service function means that as the company grows and adds new field reps, corporate marketing can keep up by having a scalable model in place, while field reps experience timely and efficient service from marketing.

Bonus: Field reps can download many different file types and sizes directly through the interface – no more issues sending/receiving large files through email.

2. Frequent Regulatory Changes

Compliance issues frequently pose a challenge to marketers in heavily regulated industries. New laws are passed and all marketing materials must be updated to stay in compliance or your organization becomes at risk of being sued or fined. Tracking down hundreds of assets that need updating is complex and time-consuming.

Solution: When marketing assets are kept in a centralized location, identifying and pulling the materials that need editing is a straightforward process. Being able to quickly and efficiently update assets reduces potential workload issues when a new regulation is introduced. With asset management customization software, batch updates to areas like the disclaimer can be done simply, across hundreds of assets in a single instance, preventing workload backups and saving marketing’s valuable resources.

Bonus: Regional laws may require only a specific set of materials be updated in a specific language. These can be located, edited, and available for field reps within minutes without going through a full translation process.

3. Regional Teams Creating Assets Manually

Field reps frequently need collateral with targeted messaging for in-person events, so they turn to the regional marketing team or local staff member to develop an asset from scratch. The challenge here is that when marketing materials are created ad-hoc, quality may suffer and messaging, graphics and disclaimers may not meet brand standards.

Solution: Developing and managing a set of properly branded marketing materials and storing them in a cloud-based platform will ensure that the assets requested by field teams are in one, easily accessible location. Pulling down outdated assets and updating them to align with ever-changing corporate standards gives field reps access to the most up-to-date materials. Regional marketers/staff no longer have to create materials manually and corporate marketing is confident the right messaging and content is being shared in the marketplace.

4. Brand Integrity Taking a Hit

Building a brand takes time, money, consistency and resources. When field teams do not get the marketing assets they need on time, they take matters into their own hands, and often create rogue marketing pieces with off-brand messaging, quirky graphics, and out of date company information. All the effort that’s gone into building the brand is undermined by these pieces popping up in online and offline channels.

Solution: MarcomCentral allows a marketing organization to protect their brand (and hard work) by offering a central location for all on-brand marketing materials, which effectively eliminates off-brand rogue marketing pieces being created in the field. Through the MarcomCentral portal, field reps can tailor assets to their specific needs by editing sections like location, date, time, logos, images, and messaging. This gives field reps much needed flexibility to update assets on the fly, while the brand is still being represented accurately.

Bonus: Once an asset is edited by a field rep, there is an option for specified point person in marketing to be notified for final review and sign off. This automation gives freedom to the field rep to create materials without waiting in the corporate queue and gives marketing the ability to have the final word to ensure brand standards are being met.

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