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Recorded Webinar: Achieving Brand Consistency Across 4100 Locations

Join Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Senior Director of Local Marketing, Meredith Carter Moore, to learn how they:

  • Created brand consistency nationwide
  • Measured performance of marketing materials being used
  • Empowered hundreds of local affiliates with small marketing budgets

Webinar Q&A

Question: Do you use in-house graphic designers? Are those stock photos or organization-generated photos?
Answer: We have an in-house graphic designer for template building. The photos can be stock photos, or org. generated.
Question: Out of the 1,100 locations, who were the 6,000 active users? Were you able to pull data on that? Or was there a primary contact for each location?
Answer: We have multiple users at the locations, and external partners. We can pull data on all users using the reporting functionality within MarcomCentral.
Question: What file format are the templates saved as to allow for customization (pdf, word, publisher)? Can you describe the process from design to final template?
Answer: Templates can be built from InDesign, or any file that can be written to PDF. If starting from InDesign, a user can mark off the variable text and image fields, convert to a PDF-based template to write additional business rules, and upload to the portal for public use.
Question: In what ways does the brand allow for unique communication to the audiences to each location, while maintaining consistency?
Answer: Fields in the template can be set up for customization, such as location address, services, and regional messaging. The customization can be set up within certain limits, like the fonts can be locked, and location of text/images can be locked, so the output remains consistent from each location.
Question: What KPIs are you using to measure continued improvement now that the site is up and running?
Answer: We use the built-in analytics in MarcomCentral to track asset utilization across all locations, and even the customized content to be able to focus marketing efforts on the content that is used most. We can also track all distribution activity like how many downloads, emailed content, and print requests have gone through the platform in a set date range. Using Google analytics, we can see behavior on the portal pages, and see if users are dropping out before completing actions. Finally, we review the analytics quarterly with our BRM (Contact at MarcomCentral) to determine where there may be room for improvement.
Question: What program do you use to make the customizable print items? I'd love to be able to do that for my college but don't know where to start.
Answer: For print, we start in InDesign. We design assets for customization. For example, a headline area, background image, and contact/location information are all variable based on the location and offer.
Question: Was this through a custom project by a third party?
Answer: We used MarcomCentral’s platform for the marketing portal. It was not a custom project.
Question: How do you encourage the local program executives to visit this portal/download these materials?
Answer: We highlight success stories to all locations within the portal.
Question: Is someone still responsible for final approval of all use of your brand, logos and campaigns? Can MarcomCentral manage the flow of those approvals to the appropriate person?
Answer: Yes, we can have an approval process set up to route requests to the appropriate people. We do require approval on same assets, like logo changes.
Question: Do you have brand style guides as well?
Answer: Yes, we make those available on the portal too.
Question: How do you audit your brand with so many clubs and ensure everybody is using the same system? Would you recommend using a tool such as club ambassadors?
Answer: We enforce that all clubs use the content in our MarcomCentral portal. The portal is set up to ensure brand consistency.
Question: What about branded apparel? Do you have an online store? Are there restrictions to use the logo at the local level?
Answer: We can add branded apparel on the MarcomCentral portal too.