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Birst Analytics

Performance Metrics within your Marketing Portal

Our integration with Birst, provider of cloud Business Intelligence and analytics, provides a holistic view into usage and adoption of your MarcomCentral marketing portal. The integration gives customers a data-driven approach to measuring the overall success of the system by providing granular reporting through custom dashboards on metrics such as user activity, performance of marketing assets, and most effective customized content.

Asset Usage

Administrators get a view into which assets are being used and those that are not.  The breakdown is shown by asset type- digital or print and by region.  Admins can see where marketing assets are getting traction and can make quick adjustments based on their findings to eliminate low performers and reduce costs.

User Groups

Administrators can create user groups based on region and/or job function, which provide information on what assets are popular amongst specific regions or functions of the business.  Marketing can collect data from the groups’ activity to improve campaigns and share successes.

Asset Customization

Administrators get a granular look at marketing customization.  They are able to see what customization fields were selected by users. This view into user behavior gives marketing professional’s insight into how to optimize future marketing assets for users thereby reducing waste and improving ROI.

About Birst, Inc.

Birst is a global leader in cloud BI and analytics, providing automated, comprehensive, and user-friendly business intelligence tools that make metric-driven business execution a reality. Birst gives companies of all sized the power and speed to solve hard business problems, fast.