3 Reasons Why Shared Drives Give Me Nightmares

3 Reasons Why Shared Drives Give Me Nightmares 780 460 Leslie Pinkerton

If you still save your digital files on a messy shared drive, stop what you’re doing immediately! If you don’t, some creepy crawler can pop out of your screen at any time and attack your files…

Alright, that was cheesy. Your files won’t be attacked by creepy crawlers (it’s Halloween, so the joke is valid). They are however, still at risk of being misplaced, or worse – deleted!

Here are three reasons why using an old shared drive can give you nightmares and maybe even a visit from that little green guy on the left.

  1. Lost or Misplaced Files

Storing files in one central location where all employee can access, edit, and delete things can be horrifying. While it may not be intentional or malicious, users could also move a file into the wrong folder without letting others know or save over an older version that someone else still needed.

Then there’s the issue of folder names. When a folder path becomes ridiculously long, it can take hours to locate the file you need. When you’re in a jam and need it quick, this could really affect your work.

Not all employees can access files remotely in a shared drive unless they have special permission. Even with special permission through a VPN, the service can sometimes be spotty and unreliable. This can be an issue for employees who work from home or travel for business.

  1. Safety

Let’s talk safety, because after all, there’s nothing scarier than being unsafe! One of the most notable issues with a shared drive is that it has very limited security features. While you’re able to limit access to certain folders or files, there is little customization beyond that. And for those of you in IT, I’m sure you’ll agree that the more control you have, the better.

  1. Access

Picture this: You’re a dedicated employee, but you get food poisoning from the mystery Halloween treat Aunt Ida gave you, forcing you to call out sick and work from home. Problem is, you have an important deadline coming up, but the marketing file you need is on the company shared drive. Now you’re left with no way to complete your project, putting you on thin ice with your boss—what’s scarier than that?

So, what can you do to eliminate this nightmare?

Although you may feel a little deflated after reading the top three problems with shared drives, have no fear. There is another alternative to using a shared drive: use a Cloud-Based Marketing Portal!

Storing marketing assets in cloud storage has captured the interest of several companies. Many, in fact, are adopting the model and using it within their own infrastructure. MarcomCentral, a cloud-based marketing portal, stores any kind of digital file – think multimedia files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, etc. – within the cloud.

But they take it one step further and allow you to customize files, assign pre-approved access to users, create workflows, and easily search for assets. What can take hours to find within a messy shared drive only takes seconds with a cloud-based marketing portal.

Any one of the above benefits would be enough to convince businesses to move their files into the cloud. But when you add up everything? It’s approaching no-brainer territory. For more information on the ways MarcomCentral uses the cloud, click the button below to receive a free product demonstration.