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Calise Partners Case Study

Calise Partners Builds Efficiency with MarcomCentral

Calise Partners is an integrated marketing agency focusing on lead generation and measurable results for their clients. They’ve combined advertising and public relations with business-driving, insight-producing data science to generate the most cost-effective leads possible for clients. Calise Partners differentiates themselves with data methods that measurably improve new customer growth for clients. Their proprietary data management platform, AdScience®, uses current customer data to profitably mine new customers and measures performance of individual marketing campaigns or media channels to determine impact on lead generation.

The challenge

Calise Partners had a client that that was using a legacy web-to-print technology that did not allow efficient onboarding of new users and was limited in its variable data capabilities. The client was expecting rapid growth for their direct mail needs. This presented an opportunity for Calise Partners to implement a modern web-to-print solution that would allow rapid configuration of Variable Data Printing while keeping ease of use for their production department. In addition, the solution needed to remove certain manual processes that were implemented as work-arounds with the current web to print technology.

Calise Partners was on the hunt for a field marketing tool that would help solve the problem of managing 200+ monthly orders across 700 users in an automated process. With their AdScience® technology at the core of all their integrated marketing services, the tool would need to provide a seamless feedback loop with the AdScience data management platform. And since Calise Partners owns no printing equipment, a flexible solution that would allow them to utilize any print vendor of their choice was also critical.

Why they chose MarcomCentral

With these search criteria in mind, Calise Partners narrowed down their options. They looked at XMPie, but the cost was too high and the time to market was lengthy, and they were looking for a tool that would allow custom programming in the future. MarcomCentral came recommended by a print vendor the agency worked with and was ultimately selected for its flexibility and scalability. MarcomCentral fit the bill as far as ability to provide custom branding for the client, integrate with AdScience®, as well as the PDF output technology that allowed them to gain cost savings by distributing the levels and size of print runs accordingly to their various print vendors. Scalability was a big bonus when it came to foresight in growing with their clients’ needs and expanding users on the system.

The results speak for themselves

Calise Partners was able to successfully onboard all of the clients users and continues to manage their integrated marketing strategy with the help of MarcomCentral. Not only have they established more efficiency for their client, but they have also increased the amount of content on the front end while reducing the number of menial management tasks. For Calise Partners, implementing MarcomCentral was less about generating revenue, and more about the ability to scale. The agency has tripled the amount of users on the system in the past two years without running into any issues.

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About Calise Partners

Calise Partners is an integrated marketing agency that has Advertising Down to a Science™. They pioneered the modern practice of Advertising Science™ and created the AdScience® data management platform to measurably improve new customer growth for clients..

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and offices in Denver, Colorado, Calise Partners provides integrated marketing, creative, advertising, paid & social media, public relations and database marketing services. Calise Partners has earned a top 10 spot on the Dallas Business Journal’s list of North Texas Advertising & Marketing Firms for the past three consecutive years. .

Topline Results:
90 direct mail products housed in MarcomCentral
760 single sign-on users in the portal
$13MM in transactions through MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral gave us a competitive angle and allowed us to present a comprehensive marketing solution to our customer. We were able to step in and solve some key pain points and deliver real value by integrating with our own AdScience® data management technology and services.

Taylor Calise

Managing Director, Calise Partners