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CP Graphics Case Study

Theory into Profit with MarcomCentral

By boosting its marketing asset management capabilities, CP Graphics delivers new value, and billable services, to its clients.

The challenge

Four years ago, company president Jake Walker, consolidated two printing operations to create what is now CP Graphics. “Back then, we made two critical business decisions,” Jake recalls. “First, we got into digital printing. Second, we sought a web-to-print solution.”
Interestingly, it wasn’t overwhelming customer demand that prompted Jake’s decisions. “We just had this strong sense of what was going on in the market,” he says. “We had a theory that people needed robust online asset management and ordering.”
While Jake’s customers may not have even realized they needed it, his theory proved correct. CP Graphics had earlier used a more basic collateral ordering product, which he launched with a few clients.
“We got good feedback from that solution,” he says, “and when we looked to the future, we realized we needed a premier product.”

The Solution

“We did our due diligence. We looked at everything out there,” says Jake. His search ended with MarcomCentral and FusionPro. “The case for choosing MarcomCentral was pretty strong,” he recalls.
For starters, Jake was very impressed with PTI’s software as a solution (SaaS) model. “Having a license for MarcomCentral got us out of the hardware upkeep business and all the security headaches,” he says. “I really liked that.”
PTI’s support and engagement throughout the process also helped seal the deal for CP Graphics. “PTI seemed to understand our business better than anyone else, and delivered a solution specific to what we needed.”
The engagement didn’t end after the solution was implemented. “We created a relationship that just kept growing,” Jake says. CP Graphics also assigned its own internal team – consisting of prepress, designers and developers – to work with PTI in bringing MarcomCentral online.
“We now understand this product inside and out,” says Jake. His team has even developed its own apps for MarcomCentral, which PTI has supported and embraced.

The results speak for themselves

The MarcomCentral solution continues to evolve for CP Graphics. “PTI never lets it growth stale. It’s always getting better. When PTI adds new features and value, we can do the same thing with our customers.”
In many ways, CP Graphics has replicated the PTI business model. Just as PTI licenses the SaaS solution, CP Graphic in turn licenses a branded SaaS solution for its customers. PTI often upgrades MarcomCentral and FusionPro – for example, with new features to boost its marketing asset management capabilities. CP Graphics parlays those upgrades to deliver new value, and billable services, to its clients.
It’s a simple formula, really, but not one that everyone in the business fully grasps, according to Jake. He sees a lot of his peers who are “scared to death” to ask clients for more money, even for valuable new services.
While Jake’s clients may find lower-priced printing elsewhere, they stay with CP Graphics. They simply like his company better. “We’re treated as a service – not a printer or a job submission – provider,” he says. “We offer things like upfront design, data management, custom storefronts – value-added services that many clients are happy to pay for. We don’t give it away.”
While it’s not easy to put an exact ROI on the MarcomCentral solution, Jake estimates that it has helped drive several
millions of dollars in incremental business. “This is recurring revenue due to the nature of the product,” he stresses.
“We focus on clients who once relied on in-plant facilities,” notes Jake. CP Graphics offers those same services to
customers – and then some – while eliminating all the hardware and software capital expense.
“The big thing about PTI,” Jake summarizes, “is the extra mile that they’re always willing to go to. It’s how strongly they support their product to stay at forefront of market. PTI is constantly increasing value for users like me, so I can do the same for my customers — and create revenue.”
CP Graphics
Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, CP Graphics is a provider of design, print, and marketing services. In operation for more than 30 years, the company specializes in delivering integrated marketing solutions, including graphic design, web to print, web design and development, print on demand, commercial printing, marketing asset management, and direct mail.

“PTI is constantly increasing value for users like me, so I can do the same for my customers — and create revenue.”

Jake Walker
CP Graphics