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ImageMark Case Study

ImageMark Turns Their Ambitious Vision into Reality with MarcomCentral

ImageMark Business Services began as a small forms and letterhead shop in a 3,300 sqft space with handful of employees and some basic technology like a 2 color press. Today, they’ve expanded to hosting 44 web-to-print storefronts with over 8,000 customizable products for 6,000 end users, operating from a 132,000 sqft space with 60 employees. How did they do it?

The challenge

ImageMark was one of the earlier adopters of digital printing. When they made the move towards expanding their services in 2003, they needed technology that would propel their business into the future and make their vision a reality. “We knew print on demand would change the value of what could be offered,” said President & CEO Walter Payne. As they began exploring solutions that could provide both web-to-print and customized personal collateral, MarcomCentral emerged as the ideal fit.

Why they chose MarcomCentral

ImageMark was looking to drive a lot of progressive ideas forward. They needed a platform that was intuitive with the same forward-thinking capabilities. The ability to integrate web-to-print, personalization, fulfillment and inventory management were the key capabilities that lead them to MarcomCentral. The technology was reliable, easy to use, and became an effective tool in answering their most crucial business needs.

The results speak for themselves

ImageMark began offering business development rather than just print to their customers. They developed unique Point of Sale Programs that leveraged their technology across many platforms concurrently, bringing a more comprehensive service offering to the table.

After a 35 month evaluation of one of their larger clients, ImageMark found that usage went up 102% and their average cost per order decreased 15.5%. “It proves that print on demand, when done correctly, is cost effective,” said Payne.

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About ImageMark Business Services

From its headquarters in Gastonia, NC, ImageMark serves corporations across the nation with sophisticated strategies that involve internet, email, design, customized store fronts, on-demand web-to-print ordering, and printing. ImageMark employs the latest electronic, internet, and printed communications technologies to custom-design flexible systems to grow business..

Topline Results:
Increase sales 49.2% over a 4 year period
70% of their business is web-to-print based programs
44 MarcomCentral Storefronts

MarcomCentral presents the opportunity for us to be a company that is versatile, strategic and impactful in helping customers grow their business.

Walter Payne

President & CEO, ImageMark Business Services