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Monitronics Case Study

Intelligent Marketing Asset Management Solution Brings Cost Cutting for Security Services Company

The challenge

In 2006, Monitronics’ reorganization created a new marketing team, and they reviewed all independent dealer support systems providing sales and marketing support. Monitronics had an existing proprietary system that enabled the online ordering of preprinted marketing communications. Unfortunately, the program was so inefficient and costly to run that Monitronics had to subsidize the large monetary cost of marketing materials each year. While Monitronics would have liked to transfer the expense, the cost per piece was simply too high for the independent dealers to carry.
The old e-commerce system allowed dealers to order a number of marketing materials, but it required huge inventories. In order to reduce the cost per piece, hundreds of thousands of postcards and contract forms were printed and stored. If a dealer needed to change text or content, expensive wastage occurred through the reprinting process. The marketing team attempted to work around obsolescence by printing document shells or a single side of a postcard, but with little result.

Why they chose MarcomCentral

In early 2007, the search was on for a new solution. A complex request for purchase was created to find the right technology partner. After reviewing a number of companies, Monitronics determined that MarcomCentral ® was the only solution that could meet their needs.
“MarcomCentral’s intelligent marketing asset management solution offered such a diverse feature set.” said Jason Thompson, Marketing Manager for Monitronics, “I was surprised that we could get exactly what we needed for our business without complex and expensive custom integration.”
The 2008 installation of the new solution, named ProShop, was completed in just under six months. The program includes the MarcomCentral ® intelligent marketing asset management solution, and a new print partner capable of delivering print on demand. The ProShop solution also includes an integrated single sign on functionality for the dealer network, and a redevelopment of marketing materials, complete with built in logic for customizable content.

The results speak for themselves

The new program implementation allows Monitronics to deliver marketing materials to their dealer network with increased speed, reduced costs, and improved customer service. The increased efficiencies decrease internal costs so much that the program has transformed from being a cost center to a six figure profit center. “When we put together the RFP on this project we were focused on simply finding a better system to warehouse the materials.” said Thompson, “The MarcomCentral ® solution ended up providing so much more and the program has greatly exceeded our expectations.”
There are numerous advantages with the ProShop solution. The single sign-on integration allows user profile information to be modified in an external system and passed directly to the ProShop solution, eliminating the need to manage two systems. The integration also allows dealer’s information to automatically populate in the marketing materials in where it is required.
Impressively, Monitronic’s accounting staff no longer has to deal with hundreds of state, county, and city sales tax requirements. The built in sales tax calculation and recording function streamline these key accounting functions.
The Customer satisfaction response has been overwhelmingly positive. The dealer network has provided an abundance of feedback regarding the shopping cart functionality. This includes: the ability to track orders, save a cart during the order process, create a “standard cart” for repeat purchases, and ship items in a single order to multiple locations.
The ProShop solution enjoys measurable success. The reduction of administrative resources required has been an additional cost advantage. Approximately 575 dealers use the ProShop solution to purchase contract forms, marketing materials, digital assets, and promotional items from a catalog of 185 SKUs (stockkeeping units.) Since July 2008, almost 6,000 orders have been processed through the store. According to Jason Thompson, Director of Marketing at Monitronics, “it’s so comprehensive… I don’t know where to start.”
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Monitronics International (Dallas,Texas) is one of the nation’s largest, fastest-growing alarm monitoring companies in the U.S. They provide monitored security system services to more than 700,000 residential customers and commercial clients through a network of over 750 nationwide, independent authorized dealers.
The Results:
  Cost Reduction: Print on demand, elimination of obsolescence, better shipping rates, automated processing and reporting, cost reductions internally and to the dealers; it’s a true “win/win.”
  Supplier Control: Monitronics has taken back control of the vendor relationship and now “manages by exception” to solve unique problems.
  Flexibility: Dealers can order anytime, anywhere, and customize the printed materials with their company information.
  Customer Service: Dealers enjoy a sophisticated self-service program combined with high impact-one-on-one customer service.
  Brand Control: The Monitronics brand is “locked down” in the marketing materials, eliminating misuse of logos and styles and ensuring brand control.