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Nissan Case Study

Nissan Ireland Manages Cost-Effective Marketing Campaigns with MarcomCentral

The challenge

Nissan has clear corporate branding throughout the organization. However, with de-centralized artwork creation, human error is an inevitable problem. This leads to dilution of the brand and can potentially harm the Nissan image without effective quality control.
Nissan Ireland wanted to enforce the Nissan brand and at the same time offer an improved level of service to its network of dealerships in Ireland.

The Solution

Groprint Limited suggested MarcomCentral Web-to-Print. Combined with Groprint’s expertise in digital print-on-demand and enterprise-level fulfilment solutions, this would deliver the correct requirements to Nissan Ireland. MarcomCentral enabled Nissan Ireland dealerships nationwide to access a central repository of artwork, printed documents and products, and have those products dispatched nationwide. Dealers log in to the online service to access and order their own customizable versioned and personalized documents. Business rules enforce the correct Nissan corporate branding for each individual Nissan dealer ensuring accuracy of every printed piece ordered.
Automatic job ticketing and artwork creation ensures that every order is processed correctly and to pre-defined standards. Costly human error is eliminated and orders are automatically routed via the correct department for printing and/or fulfillment.

The Results

Nissan Ireland dealers nationwide were able to order a range of stationery and other print-on-demand items through the online storefront and have them delivered to their own location. Nissan is able to enforce corporate identity guidelines and manage what products are available to dealers to order at any time. Going forward, Nissan Ireland can launch and manage marketing campaigns within the group at a greatly reduced cost over traditional methods. New products and campaigns are available immediately to the whole dealer network upon launch.
Nissan logo
Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. is Japan’s second largest auto maker and ranks among the top five in the world. Established in 1933, the company now produces almost three million vehicles annually in 170 countries worldwide.
Nissan Ireland is responsible for distributing the full range of Nissan cars, commercial vehicles and forklifts within the Republic of Ireland.
The Results:
  Purchase process moved to the user’s desktop
  Simplified workflow and order process
  Dealers can create and proof their own unique print jobs with variable data and graphics
  Greatly reduces the cost of errors
  Program available for orders 24/7
  Guarantees enforcement of corporate identity and design standards
  Provides for consistency of product, quality, and price
  Elimination of paper proofs
  View order status and order history
  Defined user groups with purchasing rights, product visibility, and customization
  Reduces the overall turnaround and fulfillment times
  Enhanced responsiveness to customer needs