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Pacful Case Study

The Reinvention of Pacful, Inc. Executed with MarcomCentral’s Functionality.

The challenge

With a goal of evolving with the changing business landscape and reinventing themselves, in 2010 Pacful, Inc. made the decision to expand from a strictly fulfillment business model to a full service integrated communications provider. While most service provides start with print and expand to offering fulfillment, MarcomCentral’s expanded functionality empowered Pacful to take on this unique challenge and begin offering the full spectrum of marcom needs to their clients.

Why they chose MarcomCentral

After looking at various solutions and providers, President Jennifer Hudek decided other web-to-print tools didn’t have the look and feel that fit what his customers were looking for. MarcomCentral’s professional and streamlined user interface allows Pacful to provide an experience that reflects their brand and handles the needs of their high end clients.
Additionally, MarcomCentral’s integrated functionality was a key component in their decision making process. A software solution that included reporting, security, print on demand, accessibility to products and assets, shipping and inventory control were all necessary to winning more client business. When it came time to expanding services and adding new capabilities, the transition was fairly smooth and seamless thanks to MarcomCentral’s cloud-based format, easy implementation and on-site training.

The results speak for themselves

Pacful, Inc. has tripled their number of clients since launching MarcomCentral, now hosting 48 storefronts for big name clients like VMware, Google, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Riverbed Technology and Abbot Medical Optics. As MarcomCentral’s comprehensive functionality continues to evolve, Pacful, Inc. intends to continue expanding services and fully utilize its capabilities for their clients.
Pacful logo
Headquartered just outside Sacramento, CA., Pacful, Inc. is a full service print, marketing and fulfillment services provider. Over 20 years of experience has enabled Pacful, Inc. to offer their customers the ability to implement, execute, and achieve everything from basic print projects to their most complex marketing campaigns.

“MarcomCentral allows us to offer a more
complete package of services. The more we can
offer, the better our overall service is.”

Tracy LaCasse
Client Development Manager for Pacful, Inc.

The Results:
  48 MarcomCentral Storefronts
  Serving clients like VMware, Google, and Sony
  Number of clients has tripled