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Prisma Graphic Case Study

Prisma Increases Sales 25% per year with MarcomCentral’s FusionPro Products

The challenge

In 2000, one of the company’s largest clients requested that Prisma Graphic provide business card and stationary printing services in conjunction with the current off-set business printing they were delivering. Knowing that these types of orders are typically small, transaction-intensive, and low margin, Prisma Graphic decided to implement an on-line solution. The goal was to reduce the number of “touch-points” or handling of an order by someone in the order cycle, whether client or employee. By reducing touch points, Prisma calculated that they could reduce lead times, save the client money, and increase order profits.
Even at the height of the “dot com bubble,” there were no solutions that offered everything Prisma Graphic needed. They simply couldn’t find a solution that gave them exactly what they wanted. It had to be able to handle the complete order cycle. That is, each of the following components needed to be in place before the solution could solve the problem:
  • Presentation – The solution needed to present products in an organized, secure and easy-to-navigate fashion.
  • On-Line Personalization/Proofing – Critical to the reduction of touch points was the ability for the user to enter their personalized information and have the proof generated dynamically on-line. It was also crucial that the displayed proof display the product exactly as it would print – not just a likeness (correct fonts, images, colors, placement, etc).
  • Back-end Integration. The site needed to interface with production, distribution and billing. Just having a pretty front-end with no automation behind it would not reduce the touch-points effectively.
  • Customer Service. The site needed to be able to service the customer’s needs for common order inquiries. These included inventory balance-on-hand questions to order status questions to order delivery and shipment tracking. All of these needed to be handled on-line to reduce post-sale touch points without sacrificing quality customer service.

The Solution

In July, 2000 Prisma Graphic started development on their digital commerce solution called DokShop.com. DokShop.com is a parameter-driven digital commerce site capable of defining and enforcing corporate style guides and standards. The core of DokShop.com needed to revolve around a solid application that offered the ability to start with a client’s source file (Quark or InDesign) and finish with high resolution output compatible with Prisma’s production equipment.
By combining FusionPro Creator and the FusionPro Server as the core applications, Prisma Graphic created document templates from the client’s source files. The templates are then used by the FusionPro Server for on-line proofing and output for production. When Prisma’s customers submit orders, they go into the queue for production. The DokShop administrator pulls the orders down and then sends them to production.
While Prisma toyed with the idea of going straight to the press, they chose to keep the human intervention to manage exceptions. Occasionally orders come in with notes that require special handling and those notes would get “lost” in a totally automated workflow.
“There are other on-line solutions available now. However, we have chosen to continue developing our existing system for a couple of reasons. First, it gives us complete control over the site. This level of control enables us to meet our client’s unique needs in a more timely manner. We are responsible for both the modifications and the maintenance, and we absorb the costs to support the system. Second, we work with very large customer files and it’s difficult to move them across the Internet, so we’ve chosen to host the solution in-house.” – John Thelen, Prisma Graphic’s IT Development Director

The results speak for themselves

Currently DokShop.com supports over 95 clients ranging from local Phoenix based companies to world-wide fortune 500 companies. Companies in High-Tech, Medical, Real Estate, Publishing, Hotel & Resorts, Construction, Distribution, Financial and many other markets are taking advantage of the time & cost savings provided by Prisma Graphic’s DokShop.com. “Prisma isn’t a printer anymore, we consider ourselves information-handlers. Through the digital commerce division consisting of the DokShop and our digital printing services, we anticipate generating nearly $2 million in sales this year,” said John. “We added the digital press in December, 2004, and we’ve been doubling sales on the press every month since installation. The volume is continuing to grow enormously.”
Prisma Graphics logo
The Prisma Graphic Corporation, nearly twenty years old, is a commercial printing firm that provides full-color printing and design services, as well as full bindery and fulfillment services. The company also offers digital marketing solutions via an array of technologies. Located in Phoenix, AZ, more than 70 employees serve the printing needs of both local and national companies. In 2004, Prisma Graphic recorded $13.5 million in sales.
Prisma Graphic offers complete high quality prepress and electronic imaging capabilities, 2 to 6-color with aqueous coating sheet fed printing, a complete bindery and fulfillment services and produces a wide range of print communication products including calendars, annual reports, print/poster reproduction, product catalogs and other corporate identity materials.
The Results:
  Customer loyalty
  Automate the production of small, transaction-intensive, and low margin projects
  Division sales growth from $0 to $1.5 million with no new staf
  Sales growth exceeds 50% per month on digital press
  Complete control over the customer portal
  In-house solution eliminates need to move large files over the Internet