Case Study

Local Store Marketing Efforts were Top of the Menu

long john silver's

The challenge

When Yum! Brands sold Long John Silver’s (LJS), their marketing team suddenly had more freedom to own their efforts, lead new tactics and reassess communications tools. The first place they zeroed in was their local store marketing efforts – specifically how they could help update their incredibly outdated marketing communications distribution system used to house and share marketing materials with local stores.

Aligning marketing operations and creative

The old technology was driven and used mostly by marketing operations. But creative teams had other requirements: They needed a solution to facilitate the building of merchandising pieces with their creative agencies. The solution also had to serve as a forum for franchisees to discuss and share ideas and campaigns that were working in the field. Brand control was another big factor. Time spent being homegrown marketers took franchisees’ time away from their businesses – and corporate profits. Without a streamlined system to access the most up-to-date communications, they’d instead design on-the-fly or get “taken for a ride” by print and creative vendors.

Why they chose MarcomCentral

In addition to needing a site for marketing, they needed a a place that could accommodate all other departments as well (Operations, Finance, Food Innovation, HR, etc.) MarcomCentral was the only solution able to incorporate all of this to create a customized ‘one-stop-shop’ for all franchise needs. This site became their one go-to marketing hub for operations, creative and franchisees, housing and supporting all communications storage, distribution, fulfillment and collaboration. MarcomCentral also allowed them to control the configuration and unique user interface of their portal, creating an environment that would appeal to every unique user.

The results speak for themselves

The response from franchisees has been amazing. They rave about their streamlined access to all the latest promotional creative and fulfillment options within their local areas and the removal of “roadblocks” to get those items. They can also customize pieces based on local events and respond immediately to local market conditions.


  • Creation of a marketing Forum that featured Hoopla where franchisees could collaborate about and share campaigns working at the local level.
  • All departments have ability to utilize their MarcomCentral portal solution
  • Approximately 2,000 franchisees, corporate employees and agencies access the site
  • Customized UI of their portal façade serves as shining example to new MCC customers
  • Site is the information hub for all restaurant services – from associate training to recipes