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Connect your entire healthcare organization with the compliance-approved marketing materials they need to thrive.

Marketing On Demand

Empower every doctor, clinic, field rep, and department with anytime access to insights and marketing assets that can be downloaded, printed, or distributed in real time among healthcare professionals.

Personalize Your Messaging

Give your network the flexibility they need to create custom marketing communications that are on brand and will appeal to their unique industry audience.

Stay Brand Compliant

Enforce brand guidelines and industry compliance regulations while streaming internal communications by only providing your network with up-to-date marketing assets that have been reviewed and approved by Marketing.

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Blog: 8 Ways Healthcare Marketers can Eliminate Content Fragmentation

When creating content for members, patients, and partners, healthcare organizations are faced with an enormous challenge; battling content fragmentation. Whether content is lacking key messages, or contains improper branding, fragmented assets come with serious business implications.

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Client Testimonial: How Blue Shield of California is Uses MarcomCentral

Blue Shield of California needed a solution that would help their organization centralize marketing assets, control branding, and eliminate one-off creative requests. See how MarcomCentral’s easy-to-use platform did all that and helped enhance their marketing strategy.

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Blog: Strategies for Supporting Multiple Healthcare Departments

Marketers that service medical institutions rarely get the kind of attention or recognition that big consumer brands enjoy as a result of their marketing strategy—which is a shame, because healthcare marketers serve more departments in a single week than most marketers do in a decade. How can an marketing department possibly keep up?
Healthcare marketing and communications is a highly regulated space. Ensure that your organization’s healthcare business follows those regulations by streamlining assets, strategy, insights, your marketing plan, and marketing automation in one, easy to use platform. Healthcare marketers and healthcare professionals alike will benefit from simplified internal communications, campaigns, and more.

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