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Control Your Brand

A marketing portal can help your organization brand globally and market locally while ensuring 100% brand control. Enable teams to deliver customized marketing materials that drive revenue growth.

Brand Identity

Protect Brand Integrity

If employees, partners and clients can’t find the right marketing piece they need, they often decide to go rogue and create their own. But it’s more than making sure that the right logo is being used when your brand’s integrity is at stake. There are also heaps of legal and regulatory guidelines that are ever-changing and must be met. A marketing on-demand solution gives your team 24/7 permission-based access to the latest branded and approved materials and maintains full brand compliance.

Enable Sales

Create the engagement that every sale needs to close the deal by giving your field reps the power to custom create the localized marketing pieces they need without going beyond brand guidelines. Our CRM integrations (like with salesforce.com) make it easy to align sales and marketing. Sales reps can access MarcomCentral directly from their CRM to create highly personalized experiences for their prospects and track activity and engagement.

Marketing & Sales Ever After
Marketing Portal
MarcomCentral Automate Processes

Automate Marketing Processes

Marketers are often required to brand globally and market locally. That’s a tall order when there is often limited resources and time. Implementing a marketing on-demand solution facilitates a reduction in marketing costs by improving accessibility to marketing materials, empowering customization on the fly, while increasing brand awareness. Corporate can set up vendors to further control cost. Sophisticated reporting allows you to see which assets are being used by the field and which are not. Your team can spend their time where it’s proven to be most useful.

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Learn how MarcomCentral Enterprise Edition makes it easy to deliver your latest marketing assets from emails and custom HTML to brochures and signage.