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The State of Digital Asset Management in 2020…and Our Pivotal Role

A new decade is on the horizon, and with 2020 approaching it’s a natural time for both reflection and foresight. We’re beyond excited to officially be back in action here at The MarcomCentral Blog. In this post, we’ll share with you our mission statement and vision for next year, as well as our thoughts on the future of digital asset management in 2020 and beyond.

The Importance of Digital Asset Management in 2020

It’s no secret that in today’s market landscape, brands live or die by the customer experience they’re able to provide. No longer is this facet of business relegated to marketing and sales teams—customer experience is a holistic business concern. The cross departmental use of digital assets demands that every employee within a business be both brand compliant and a brand advocate in order to meet customer expectations and foster high levels of engagement and satisfaction.

That makes the management of these assets crucial. And let’s face it, companies possess an almost unwieldy amount of digital assets today. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Logos
  • Documents
  • Design templates
  • Images and stock photos
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Presentations
  • Sales materials
  • Print collateral

And the list goes on. With so much to organize, compile, manage, and distribute, as well as the stake of both brand reputation and customer experience on the line, is it any wonder that DAMs are ascending to become the bedrock of the Martech suite? In fact, according to Techipedia, businesses with well-managed and consistent brands are worth 20% more than those that aren’t. DAMs not only solve for the crippling pain points of marketers, but they help companies remain compliant, assuage the concerns of legal teams, empower HR departments, and ensure overall brand consistency.

digital asset management

The Evolution of DAM in 2020

Clearly, a strategic digital asset management solution is critical in helping brands maintain their corporate identity, perception, and trust both internally and externally. Consumers are growing savvier and have more access to brands than ever before as communication becomes more omnichannel. In turn, this means they have more choice in which brands get their business. This makes brand equity all the more important—it’s the best way for companies to solidify, optimize, and protect their reputation and customer experience.

With that said, DAMs will have to evolve into much more to meet this demand. No longer is it enough to simply store, organize, and manage digital assets. A truly remarkable DAM will be one that transforms into a more automated, contextual experience that enables the customization and personalization of both the content stored within and the software itself, as well as the seamless distribution of every asset.

We expect AI to play an even larger role in pushing DAM into the future, creating greater levels of efficiency, ease, and searchability within the platform. In fact, most forward-looking DAMs (including our own) have already integrated AI metadata search to make locating assets more seamless. And it’s these kinds of features that customers want, too! A whopping 97% of business customers mention “ease of use” as a top quality for apps and tools. This will unburden marketers from the more mundane aspects of their jobs and free them up to do more creative work. What ultimately results is a tool that allows for end-to-end brand management.

Invest in DAM with MarcomCentral

With the global digital asset management market expected to reach approximately $8.1 billion within the next five years, now is the time for brands to invest in a digital asset management platform. That’s where MarcomCentral comes into play. Whether you’re considering a DAM platform for the first time or realizing you need more from your existing solution, MarcomCentral is the premier choice for enabling go-to-market teams with fully compliant, customizable marketing assets.

In fact, we’re the only digital asset management platform that provides both powerful content customization and distribution, empowering companies to execute their marketing initiatives faster. It’s our mission to provide the best digital asset management platform—one that is so effective, it improves the work lives of marketers everywhere.

As business becomes more digital, companies must adapt to new technologies to help them manage this disruptive digital tidal wave. Learn more about our DAM solution today and how it can help you embrace the future of your business. And be sure to check back in to The MarcomCentral Blog for more fresh content coming your way soon

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