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DocuSign Case Study

FusionPro® Expression Adds Personal Touch to Email Communications

A/B email testing revealed that click-through rates nearly doubled using FusionPro Expression.

The challenge

DocuSign was actively looking for new ways to create more relevant communications and knew all about the power of personalization. The trick was obtaining new technology to better interact with (potential) customers on a more personal level that also reflected their own passion for innovation.

The key to relevancy makes an email introduction

By chance – and her email inbox – Meagen Eisenberg, DocuSign’s VP of Demand Generation discovered a perfect opportunity to take their communications efforts to that next level of human-to-human marketing.
DocuSign uses Eloqua to distribute email communications and frequently receives their marketing emails, as well. One day, Meagen received an email that stood out, immediately engaging her. The imagery was personalized, and featured dynamic messaging completely relevant to her industry, challenges and usage. She immediately saw the potential to adapt whatever technology was being used to strengthen DocuSign marketing campaigns to the 13 million contacts within their own email database. After a little detective work, Meagen discovered that the secret behind Eloqua’s cool campaigns was their full integration with FusionPro Expression, a flagship product of MarcomCentral.

Why they chose FusionPro

FusionPro allowed DocuSign to easily customize and verticalize every aspect of their email campaigns. In fact, DocuSign could now personalize everything from signatures and overall messaging to imagery throughout all delivery mechanisms – including mobile.
FusionPro Expression is also a very flexible solution that works with all MAP and email marketing tools.

The results speak for themselves

In the first three months, click-through rates nearly doubled by simply including personalized graphics within their enterprise and vertical emails. Call to actions to “attend webinar” and “download whitepaper” got more clicks and led to greater conversion. DocuSign developers also loved that it worked seamlessly with Eloqua, requiring a simple cut and paste of a little bit of code!
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The Results:
  Nearly doubled click-through rates
  Customized and verticalized messaging engaged more customers
  Seamlessly works with their existing MRM
  More depts. planning to use FusionPro Expression to boost engagement and conversion