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eBook: 5 Crucial Components of a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

To effectively and consistently close sales, businesses need a strong sales enablement strategy that clearly maps back to marketing’s efforts so that they can create the relevant  materials, content, and resources that empower sales teams  to be successful. But what do marketing and sales teams need to take into account when it comes to developing and implementing a winning sales enablement strategy? 

In this eBook, we will cover: 

  • How sales and marketing collaboration drives the creation of more accurate buyer personas
  • How content customization and personalization enhances sales enablement by allowing marketers to better match prospective buyers to tailored content
  • The importance of CRM integration for reducing sales admin time, measuring marketing & sales effectiveness, and creating a more efficient sales process
  • Why social selling should be used to create long-term, high-value bonds with customers
  • How using intelligent performance metrics allows a brand to clearly track goals and KPIs

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