Brand Asset Management Solutions

Brand managers protect brand identity, branding consistency, and ensure legal compliance by providing only approved marketing materials in your DAM software portal. Double up on compliance by setting automatic expiration notifications on branded marketing collateral and media assets that are no longer relevant.

Custom User Profiles

Brand individual user profiles with a look and feel unique to their line of business.

Approval Workflows

Improve your workflow and set approval rules that automatically send notifications to an approver when a new asset has been customized or needs a sign-off.

Brand Asset Management Guide

Maintain brand identity by placing brand guidelines and approved logos on the homepage of your brand management software portal for quick access to frequently used approved assets and marketing collateral.

Simple Brand Asset Simple Ordering Process

Set up your brand management portal for fulfillment distribution and order promotional goods, marketing collateral, business cards, and more in one easy step.

Brand Asset Management Systems Built-in for Your Benefit

Social Media Capabilities

Post brand compliant social messages directly to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Corporate marketing can post on behalf of a user who opts-in or allow the user to customize the message and post on their own.

Business Intelligence

Create custom reports and track trends through MarcomCentral’s business intelligence feature. Find out what assets are being used, who’s using them and where can eliminate low performers.

More Features

Custom Catalogs

Create navigation menus for users to locate the most important media assets to their line of business.

Expiration Notifications

Automatically set notifications when an asset is about to expire and is no longer available to use in the field.

Content Controls

Maintain brand consistency and stay compliant by locking down content fields like a disclaimer while allowing other content fields like contact information to be edited.

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