Fishbowl Integration

Restaurant Management Services within MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral’s integration with Fishbowl lets users create optimized promotions, track them, and capture the underlying transaction data. Additionally, Fishbowl provides coupon management, which generates barcodes and tracks the usage of these barcodes. This integration uniquely serves restaurant owners.

Enforce Brand Consistency

With this integration, MarcomCentral clients can eliminate “rouge” marketing efforts from different restaurant locations and now empower them with customizable marketing promotions and coupons that follow corporate guidelines. Now, restaurant owners can be confident the offers their patrons will see at various locations are consistent with the defined brand experience.

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl’s closed loop restaurant marketing SaaS platform is highly scalable and ingests data quickly from various sources, including email, SMS, social, online ordering, loyalty programs, reservations, and more. The analytics platform uses industry-specific proprietary algorithms to provide clients with actionable insights about guests, menus, pricing, media mix, and social media.