Salesforce Integration

Customer Relationship Management within MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral’s integration with Salesforce allows clients to work concurrently within Salesforce to pull key customer data for campaigns that dynamically imports into customizable marketing templates created to compliment your marketing strategy, all stored in one marketing automation platform. The result of these tools are more targeted, revenue-driving communications all within your unique, overarching brand control guidelines.

Align Sales and Marketing

The integration and automation software is designed to help sales teams locate and create targeted marketing assets and tools that can be directly distributed within Salesforce via the MarcomCentral App platform. When any kind of marketing campaign is distributed to a contact, MarcomCentral records that activity within Salesforce for Sales and any other necessary workflow to see.

Integrating Salesforce into your marketing automation platform can streamline marketing strategy, analytics, tools, and beyond for various campaigns – in one easy to use place. Salesforce marketing automation can benefit any workflow throughout your organization.

About Salesforce is an enterprise grade customer relationship management (CRM) application that is provided in a software as a service (SaaS) model. is currently the most commonly used CRM application within the world’s largest organizations.