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Tristan & Pete

Walking in for the interview at PTI, I was hoping it would be a good fit. After doing tons of research online I thought the company sounded great, but what did I know? I needed to meet the people, feel the culture and see if I got those “new job butterflies” – those exist, right?

You see, I’d come from a 10 year career in the banking industry where things were a bit stuffy to say the least. In banking it’s all about rules and regulations, up to and including the dress code. Pantyhose should be illegal! I was looking for a stark change, a small and mighty company that could allow me more interconnectedness. I wanted to feel like I had a name, not just an employee ID.


I was hoping to find a place that found value in new ideas. So as I walked in I noticed a few things right away. Anyone who has visited the office in Solana Beach knows there are 2 wonderful things that greet you right away: Jeed, the outstanding administrative assistant and hostess extraordinaire, and a greeter of the animal variety named Cody, a sweet golden retriever. With a warm friendly smile from Jeed and sniff from Cody I was feeling the love right away.

Also greeting me was Rich who was interviewing me for a training position. We walked together to the conference room that had a stunning ocean view and I could picture myself even further enjoying a job here. After a great interview that felt more like a conversation than an interrogation I called my husband right away and said I think this is the job I’ve been looking for. Luckily, things went well from there and I was hired.

With the excitement of leaving the past where it was, I started my new job a few weeks later. On that Friday morning I walked into the kitchen and there was fresh fruit, a latte machine, a fridge stocked full of drinks, and drawers full of Almond Joys?!?! These were perks that I could enjoy each day. We even have lunch brought in every Friday. My teammate Eric walked me around and introduced me to everyone in the office that day and time after time I was greeted with friendly smiles and easy laughs. My overall impression was that this is what I was looking for, and PTI lived up to my expectations and has since I started.

Recently we had our Marketing Operations Executive Summit at the Omni La Costa and as I sat in some of the meetings during the summit it was very refreshing to hear new ideas from employees and customers being solicited and received with open minds. Working for a massive company prior, it took a litany of processes to even get your ideas heard by the right people and seeing PTI make these ideas a part of their roadmap was exciting. I was on the ground floor of watching change happen!

I’m happy Rich called me, I’m happy I came to the interview and I’m even happier that I get to work here. Each person I talk to resoundingly says the culture and the people are one of PTI’s greatest assets. I must admit, as I write this in jeans and converse sneakers with my dog lying beside me, I certainly agree!

Tristan Krapf

Training Specialist and “the new girl”