FusionPro Expression

Personalized Image Design

Image personalization is an extremely powerful marketing tool that combines customer information, graphic fonts, and a background image to produce a set of compelling imagery that is specific to each recipient. Image personalization enables users to produce truly unique personalized images and customized marketing campaigns. Marketers can use personalized images to engage their customers and make them feel unique, special and valued.

Organizations using personalized imagery undeniably experience and witness improved marketing campaign effectiveness. Personalized graphic communications allows you to:

Electrify Your Marketing Campaigns

Image personalization is a powerful tool that is changing how marketers engage their customers. Whether the media is online or printed, the impact is dramatic.

Get Read, Get Results

Graphic communication using personalization continues to rise due to its undeniable effectiveness. Image personalization drives extraordinary readership and response rates.

Connect to Your Audience

Every customer wants to feel like they are the one and only. Use image personalization in print, email, or web, to further demonstrate how you can set your company apart and truly connect with your audience.

Use Our Designs or Create Your Own

Whether you choose from over 170+ pre-built templates or to create your own specific design, the campaign possibilities are endless. In-house design services are available should you need the extra manpower.

Solutions for Every Organization

The FusionPro Expression product suite fits either small or large scale marketing operations on any budget.

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How it Works

MarcomCentral’s image personalization technology suite, FusionPro Expression, is comprised of both desktop and online software solutions that produce personalized images for any media that allows for dynamic input. FusionPro Expression Templates contain all design elements including imagery, fonts, three dimensional paths, and text attributes. The Expression template is then used in combination with a database or data feeds to compose personalized images. Dynamic image composition can occur on demand for digital media using a URL string.

Create Your Own Design

When in-house designers are available, companies can create their own designs to produce unique and proprietary personalized imagery. Designers simply need to choose a background image and either create a new font or use one already available from our templates gallery. Our template fonts can be skewed, angled, distorted and shadows can be applied as desired using FusionPro Expression Creator, to create mesmerizing lifelike personalized images.

Template Gallery

Image and font templates are available to help organizations get started with image personalization. Companies simply need to merge the template of their choice with their customers’ database, and embed the final personalized images in their marketing pieces to produce remarkable and astonishing results. To view all complimentary and on sale templates, visit our templates gallery.

Custom Design Services

The MarcomCentral design services team can design and create custom personalized image templates specifically for your organization to be used in any personalized marketing campaign that includes emails, microsites, and print materials. Our design services are diverse and range from photography, to font design, to overall image template creation.

Version Comparison

FusionPro Expression Creator

FusionPro Expression Creator is the premiere image personalization solution that combines data and imagery to produce truly unique and compelling personalized images. The use of personalized images within print, email, web, and other marketing vehicles has been proven to dramatically increase readership and response rates. This innovative product is now widely available and affordable to the marketplace operating on both MAC and PC platforms. Best of all, FusionPro Expression products offer unlimited usage with no charge per image providing limitless possibilities.

Key Features

  • Low Upfront Costs
  • No Usage or Charge Per Image
  • MAC and PC compatible
  • Intuitive User Interface to Create/Compose New Designs
  • High Quality Pre-Built Templates (15 Included)
  • Template Design Services
  • Integrates with Other PTI Marketing Technologies™ Products
  • Design and compose images directly to your desktop
  • Output to .jpg .tif .png .eps formats
  • 15 Free Expression Templates
  • Free Online Training

$799 Unlimited Usage & No Charge Per Image

FusionPro Expression Producer (Cloud)

Compose high volume images on demand for email and web using PTI’s fusionpro-vdp-expressions-257x300bank of Cloud servers.

FusionPro Expression Producer (Cloud) is the premiere image personalization solution that combines data and imagery on demand to produce truly unique and compelling customized images. The use of personalized images within email and web has been proven to dramatically increase readership and response rates.

Now you don’t need your desktop computer or onsite servers to instantly generate FusionPro Expression images. Simply send us your FusionPro Expression Template, and we’ll provide you a dynamic URL that can be used in any email engine, website, or other digital media that can provide personalized text.


  1. Create Expression Template with FusionPro Expression Creator
  2. Upload Expression Template to Cloud and Produce Campaign URL
  3. Place URL in HTML Code and Insert Personalization Variable
  4. Publish Campaign and Recipient/Visitor Images are Called as Needed

Key Features

  • Create Expressions Seemlessly for Email and Web Use
  • Server Power without Owning Onsite Servers
  • Produce Images On Demand as Needed
  • Pay a Low Monthly Fee
  • Multiple Image Tiers to Meet Your Needs
  • Monthly Fees Start as Low as $99 a Month
  • No IT Resources or Support Necessary
  • Use FusionPro Pre-Built Expression Templates or Create Your Own
  • Template Design Services Available
  • Use with Other PTI Products Such as FusionPro Links, MarcomCentral, and Exact Target Email Services

What’s Needed

MarcomCentral’s professional services team can provide all services needed to execute a campaign with personalized images. Alternatively, organizations can purchase FusionPro Expression solutions and directly create and execute campaigns.

  • A Design Concept
  • Images (Background, Foreground)
  • Fonts (Load, Purchase or Create)
  • A Media with Variable Input
  • Recipients Data

Variable Media Supported

The power of personalized images can fully be utilized across different media platforms such as email, web, mobile, and print. FusionPro Expression images can be used within your own marketing campaign tools or take advantage of MarcomCentral’s products and services.

  • Email
  • Web (Variable Microsites, Online Ads)
  • Mobile Web
  • Variable Print (with FP Creator)

Integrations with PTI’s Personalization Suite

MarcomCentral’s marketing personalization suite includes best in class solutions to produce personalized imagery, URLs, microsites, and personalized print campaigns. For personalized email and mobile campaigns, MarcomCentral offers ExactTarget products for the ultimate cross-media solution suite. FusionPro Expression also integrates with MarcomCentral Enterprise Edition and MarcomCentral Web-to-Print, our premiere marketing on demand solutions.