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FusionPro Links

The Premier PURL Creation and Campaign Tracking System

FusionPro Links makes personalized direct marketing programs easy to implement, manage and document for you and your customers. With this vendor-hosted platform, users can create a customized online response experience with personalized URLs and microsites for variable data publishing (VDP) marketing campaigns, and manage these campaigns with a comprehensive suite of tracking and reporting features. By delivering a unique user experience, you can help your customers get improved response rates, greater conversion of leads into prospects and a measurable return on their marketing investment.
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Add an Innovative Cross-Media Solution to Your Résumé

Help your customers create a unique online response experience using personalized URLs, built in to direct mail or email, with microsites for VDP marketing campaigns that provide meaningful communication and inspire action. Now you’ve just moved from Printer to Partner.

Robust Functionality Offered at an Unparalleled Price

Providing a full breadth of versatile features including flexible input controls and response notifications, sophisticated reporting, and custom HTML support, your customers can effectively create powerful 1-1 cross media campaigns at an affordable price.

Eliminate the Direct Mail Stigmas

Personal URLs increase response rates and provide an easy method of tracking the results of direct mail campaigns. Email notifications of click-through and microsite activities are instantly delivered to give the sales and marketing teams the edge they need to close the deal.

Keep Your Digital Equipment Up All Night

Personalized URL campaigns need personalized mail. That means more print work for you and your digital production team to keep your business running at full speed.

Match Your Customer’s Brand, 100%

Satisfy the most particular creative manager’s need to precisely reflect corporate and campaign branding. Customized microsites can be built using virtually any html design tool.
  Create personalized URLs for each recipient in a VDP campaign
  Develop personalized microsites for each unique customer
  Collect data from each customer through the use of microsite surveys and delete selected responses from a campaign, as necessary for accurate reporting
  Alert sales and marketing of response data in real time with campaign activity notifications
  Detailed reporting functionality for campaign response data
  Export lists in CSV or XLS format to avoid the size limitations of the XLS format and Excel’s cutoff point of 65,000 data records
  Multilingual personalized URL support to avoid browser support limitations, assure special/foreign character data is properly maintained and confirm valid personalized URLs are generated from data
  Configure additional user types to receive notifications and allow administrator to set response notifications based on either first response or click-throughs for each personalized URL
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