FusionPro® VDP Producer

For Fast, Heavy-Duty VDP

Built for large or complex VDP jobs, FusionPro VDP Producer can be installed in minutes and requires no programming. Requests flow directly to FusionPro VDP Producer, offloading the VDP composition process from local desktop machines. Email notification and the ability to copy finished VDP output to a hot folder offer time-saving and cost-effective workflow automation, for a higher margin per job than traditional VDP workflows that require numerous hands-on processes.

Maximize Your Workflow

Leverage the power of FusionPro VDP Creator with the addition of our entry level server based solution that can manage and produce your heavy output jobs up to 20 times faster than our single instance desktop solution. Take the burden off your workstation to perform other tasks while our 3 instance FusionPro Producer handles concurrent processing of multiple jobs – minimizing production time and maximizing productivity.

Your Feature-Rich Future Awaits

  • Up to 20 times faster than desktop on single instance
  • Comes with 3 instances
  • FTP hot folder output
  • Email notification
  • Queue multiple jobs
  • Great for mix of small and large jobs
  • Perfect for large one-off and repeatable jobs
  • Process 3 jobs simultaneously
  • Break up large job into smaller runs

Take Your VDP Production to a New Level

Operate with higher margins than traditional VDP workflows that require numerous hands-on processes with features such as email notifications and auto-delivery to a hot folder. Your business will save valuable time and resources.

Customize Sizable Output Files with Ease

You now have the power to say yes to customers with large record-set VDP templates. Composing at lightning speed, the application that can be implemented with absolutely no programming to provide process control and automated status updates.

Release The Power of Valuable Design Workstations

Gain added resources by freeing your design workstations from composition processing and putting them to work to support the other important production functions your business needs.

Create a Fully Optimized VDP Workflow

Streamline the creation and delivery of personalized print projects and enhance overall productivity by sending large or complex VDP jobs to a centralized job queue. Compose reordered items with ease using stored templates paired with new data.

FusionPro VDP Creator & Producer, a Dynamic Duo

Start with the FusionPro VDP Creator application you love and add FusionPro VDP Producer for unlimited scalability to handle your current and future VDP needs.

Incorporate Image Personalization

Output personalized images using a FusionPro Expression template that combines data and imagery to produce truly unique and compelling personalized images. Operating on both MAC and PC platforms images can be used within print, email, web, and other marketing vehicles.

  • Locally installed, server-based solution
  • Export plug-ins included for Adobe® InDesign® and QuarkXPress®
  • Dynamic charts and tables for variable data in financial documents
  • Thirteen included VDP output formats (PDF, PostScript, VDX, PPML, HP-PPML, VPS, JLYT, VIPP, Digimaster-PostScript, JPG, PDF/VT, HTML, and AFP as optional output language) offer compatibility with the leading digital print workflows
  • Unicode functionality allows multi-lingual variable data document composition to promote personalized international communications for businesses with multilingual customers
  • Email alerts when composition is complete
  • Powerful internal workflows with tens or hundreds of thousands of data records per job to run multiple presses at full rated speed
  • FusionPro VDP Creator VDP templates can be easily incorporated into FusionPro VDP Producer
  • Can be implemented with absolutely no programming
  • Streamlined file submission to hot-folders