FusionPro VDP Server

High-Volume, Lights Out, Web-Enabled

FusionPro Server solutions offer high-volume, hands-off VDP composition workflows, generating tens of thousands of document pages per hour from layouts created with FusionPro VDP Creator.

FusionPro Server provides a scalable and automated workflow that can be in the form of web service API, command line, watch folder or batch processing. It can also be integrated with most any web application needing online proofing or composition of your FusionPro design templates.

Web-enabled soft-proofing powers instant PDF or JPG/GIF previews. For online versioned or variable documents, users can choose images and specify content on the Web to be merged into layouts defined by FusionPro VDP Creator.

  1. Flexible web service API to launch document composition
  2. Lights out automation
  3. Automatically route to single or multiple servers for scalability
  4. Multiple instances on 1 machine
  5. Job prioritization
  6. Dynamic data driven layout record by record
  7. Every piece can change to a different layout, based on the recipient’s data
  8. Virtually infinite design lay-out generated record by record
  9. Programmatically create templates on the fly
  10. Dynamically change frames and pages on the fly
  1. Same Creator design template
  2. 24/7 automated composition without programming
  3. Allows customer to drop data 24/7
  4. Drop data into watch folder and automatically composes
  5. GUI associates folder with correct design
  6. A watch capability to automate the conversion of documents to a variety of VDP and PDF outputs
  1. Utilize FusionPro Server composition in your web-site
  2. Build variable composition into your web-site
  3. Simple API to generate previews
  4. Simple API to generate digital and print output
  5. Gang multiple customer orders
  6. Interactive web based design

Build Your Vision

Take your one-to-one marketing strategy online with Web-enabled personalization functionality that can be integrated into any Web server platform through simple HTTP post commands.

Instantly Obtain 10 Years of Development

Don’t wait while your developers catch up to build the technology you need. Get immediate access to the tools your business requires most.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Implement powerful VDP preview and output capabilities in custom Web-to-print environments that can be integrated with your own high-volume digital workflow.

Control the Roadmap, Create Your Own Custom Features

Whether it’s high-speed Web-to-print or automated workflow solutions, leverage the power of high-volume, hands-off print production and the ability to generate tens of thousands of pages per hour to meet your customers’ needs.

Maximize Output with Faster Composition Speeds

Create automated VDP composition workflows for internal or distributed environments; simultaneously compose multiple VDP jobs for unparalleled scalability and redundancy; and incorporate multiple composition engines into composition farms to run virtually any size job.

Incorporate Image Personalization

Output personalized images using a FusionPro Expression template that combines data and imagery to produce truly unique and compelling personalized images. Operating on both MAC and PC platforms images can be used within print, email, web, and other marketing vehicles.

  • Image format output options (BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, and EPS) in addition to the thirteen optimized VDP print formats (PDF, PostScript, VDX, PPML, HP-PPML, VPS, JLYT, VIPP, Digimaster-PostScript, JPG, PDF/VT, HTML, and AFP as optional output language)
  • Included export plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress
  • Dynamic charts and tables for variable data in financial documents
  • Advanced copy fitting, content overflow and automatic page insertion

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