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Recorded Webinar – Hands Off My Brand!

Speaker: Sean Sullivan, Vice President of Sales for MarcomCentral

How to Control Messaging at Every Level of Your Organization

Hours of creative brainstorming are no match for even one misuse of your brand messaging. Rogue marketing is the bane of every marketer’s existence, and it happens more often than you may know. When sales reps, regional offices, franchisees and channels can’t find the marcom they need, they don’t get mad – they get creative. The result is your pristine branding receding into a Frankenstein-esque rendition that’s a far cry from anything resembling the perfected asset you originally released in confidence.

We’ve seen it happen in large and small companies alike across a huge spectrum of companies. And we have examples to prove it. Sean Sullivan not only shares examples of rogue marketing, but also the simple marketing asset management tools and tactics companies have successfully used to beat it.
Fed up salespeople in the field simply abandoned the junk drawer altogether and contacted marketing directly for help. Creative requests were overwhelming the marketing department. NRG needed a solution – and they needed it to deploy quickly.