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The Toro Company partners with hundreds of distributor partners around the world. But more often than not, the Toro Company brand and important product information wasn’t getting through the way the company intended. See how the Toro Company gave their distributors a tool that helps them do more with their own marketing.

The Toro Company Enables Localized Marketing

The Toro Company’s distributors were stuck in the rut of an outdated communications management system that prevented Toro from sharing the latest information and benefits about their high-performing products with these valued partners. So, the corporate marketing team shelved their legacy systems and found a marketing on demand solution that offered a more transparent, up-to-date view of the products to distributors at the heart of their co-branded marketing – and was simple enough for even a novice marketer to use.

The Results:

Positive ROI achieved within first 3 months
Reduced creative workloads by 15%
Cut production time from hours to minutes
70 users never marketing in their areas before (until now!)

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