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Get a clearer view of Marcom use, performance

Reporting is a cut-and-dry way to analyze the performance and ROI of your marketing campaigns and promotions. But tracking specific communications materials to get the full picture of campaign effectiveness can be another story. If you don’t know which promotion works for which field rep, channel, franchisee or branch manager, how do you know the precise triggers that will increase local conversion?

Tracking marketing communications usage can lead to greater efficiency in planning what materials your marketing department should create more of. It can also help you explore other messages within that theme, offer or promotion. Sharing that tracking data can also prompt discussion between the operations and marketing teams as soon as you see problems, such as non-performing campaigns or diluted messaging caused by rogue, off-brand materials.

Consider exploring a marketing asset management platform like MarcomCentral. Worth noting: A recent Gleanster report cited that 96 percent of top performing marketers currently use or plan to invest in a marketing asset management (MAM) solution. A cloud-based solution often will provide the most granular metrics (who/what/when/where/how) through instant reporting functions. Your teams easily can view such functions any time, from anywhere. Those solutions also give you pinpoint visibility into local store marketing activity and performance through ongoing, measured results that can be seen and shared in real-time.

Premiere solutions like MarcomCentral will even offer full integration with your CRM database to record activities for campaigns and promotions throughout your region. Forget about guesswork and estimation: All the campaign data you need is right there, so you can fix or add legs to any campaign – even if its feet have already hit the street.