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JobDirect® Plus Add-On to MarcomCentral

Ad Hoc Job Submission with On-the-Fly Conversion to PDF


JobDirect® Plus Overview

JobDirect Plus is a job submission add-on to MarcomCentral Enterprise Edition and MarcomCentral Web-to-Print, providing a flexible and intuitive way to accept ad-hoc jobs into your print workflow. The Software as a Service (Saas) module allows end users to upload almost any file type to create, customize and submit one-time jobs that fall outside your MarcomCentral product catalog.

JobDirect Plus Catalog

Your Capabilities at Their Fingertips

JobDirect Plus is highly configurable and can be customized to reflect the specific capabilities of the print facility, bringing more accuracy to the job submission process. Users can customize orders within the defined capabilities of the print provider, reducing disruptions for one-time submissions.

Build On-the-Fly with Live Previews

This easy-to-use product allows customers to visually build their products, specifying an array of features and finishing options, preview their selections, and submit online.  Over 200 different file formats are accepted with our upload function with automatic conversion to a press-ready PDF.

Agile, Automated Workflow

Boost overall efficiency, bring jobs in faster, and drive costs down. JobDirect’s open architecture gives you the ability to integrate with most print production applications and emit JDF. You can automate directly to your press and manage your workflow in a better way.

JobDirect Plus Capabilities

If you are interested in adding JobDirect Plus to your current MarcomCentral portal, please contact your Business Relationship Manager.

If you would like to explore the MarcomCentral asset management system and JobDirect module, please request a demo.