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PowerPoint Integration

Enable Brand Compliant PowerPoint Presentations Across the Entire Organization

MarcomCentral® now empowers your organization’s Marketing team with the ability to publish PowerPoint templates with intelligent limitations and pre-approved content in an online portal. Marketing decision-makers will control the overarching brand and formatting of PowerPoint presentations while then enabling authorized users to version and personalize content.

This functionality dramatically improves the way PowerPoint presentations are managed across enterprise organizations by eliminating highly visible, common errors like stretched images, whimsical fonts and off-message slides. It equips your Marketing team with enhanced brand control, marketing automation and overall campaign cohesiveness and management.

The bottom line? Marketers enjoy ultimate peace-of-mind in knowing communications can be highly-specialized yet dynamically compliant.


  Control text frame fonts, formatting and placement
  Designate specific images or text frames for editing
  Provide highly personalized content to your prospect
  Add campaign/industry triggers that automatically updates content throughout presentation
  96% Reduction to processing time for the field (15-18min production time cut to 30secs
  Add approval process to ensure legal compliance
  Ensure the most recent templates are utilized and eliminate outdated content