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How to Avoid the Black Hole of Marketing

By Jody Scheldt, 10/14/2015

Black Hole of MarketingThere’s a lot of talk of connecting marketing to ROI- what data to track on your social accounts, email conversions, open rates, best days to send, and the like. All this data contributes to capturing the ROI of your marketing campaigns. But what about the campaign collateral, one-off ads, product sheets, and seasonal sales flyers that you produce on a daily basis to fulfill needs of the teams you support?

The assets get distributed to sales teams, field reps, local branches, and/or franchises, but how do you know what was actually used, what worked and what failed? If you don’t have a tracking tool in place, they’re lost in a marketing black hole- forgotten once delivered.

Tracking marketing asset consumption is critical to calculating your ROI.

Hours spent on creative resources production + marketing assets usage and success rates = return on investment.

This is common practice in other areas of marketing, why not for one of the largest resource investments in the marketing department? Marketing asset management tools give organizations the power to collect asset usage and success data through simple reporting and analytics features. Marketing materials are located in one spot (not spread across servers and software), accessible to requestors as needed, and tracked by the production team; a black hole no more.

With visibility into how marketing assets are being used and their performance, you can easily calculate ROI on these programs and begin to evaluate the efficiency of your investments.

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