Join our Partner Program and Solve Customers’ File Sprawl

MarcomGather is a Digital Asset Management solution that can replace your client’s Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint or other file share system. By leveraging our platform, your clients get a solution tailored for asset distribution of all types, and you get a residual revenue stream with each new account.

In today’s world, organizations of all kinds need to centralize their digital files in one, organized and searchable platform. Unfortunately, many teams have spread their files all over the place which makes their workflow clunky, and risks slowing down their entire organization. When systems like Google Drive or Dropbox aren’t helping to streamline workflows, digital asset management (DAM) tools can help.

MarcomGather is one of the easiest to use and most affordable digital asset management (DAM) solutions on the market. Our DAM is the next evolution of simplifying and centralizing the creative process and production workflow.

When teams use MarcomGather, they find the latest brand guide, sales one pager, or campaign brochure easily – and can be confident it’s the most up to date version. MarcomGather makes the marketer’s life easier, and keeps product, sales, and the rest of the business up to date with the latest branded collateral and approved files for workflow. If you’re looking to improve confidence, speed to market, clarity, and organization, MarcomGather is the tool for you.

Why DAM?

Organizations of all sizes are struggling with file sprawl and many don’t know there is a better way. Digital asset management allows teams to move away from messy shared drives and scale their business. MarcomGather is affordable and easy to use, meaning your clients will thank you for their new found efficiency.  

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unlimited user accounts and file collections

  • Analytics: view stats on which files are most popular, which are least used, and user statistics

  • Easier and more reliable than sharing files via FTP

  • No systems to manage or maintain – MarcomGather is software in the cloud
  • Works with the majority of file types

  • Easy to manage group and file access

  • Setup is fast – many customers start using DAM immediately