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Watch the Recorded Webinar – Achieving Brand Control with Customized Marketing

Recorded webinar with Director of Creative Services for the YMCA Middle Tennessee on how they were able to implement an organization-wide rebranding campaign and ensure brand standardization across their 20 operating centers. Learn what tool their marketing department implemented to empower their local centers to create marketing campaigns on their own to help reduce daily creative requests.

Ashley Oaks

Ashley Oaks

Director of Creative Services, YMCA of Middle Tennessee
Watch the Recorded Webinar: Achieving Brand Control with Customized Marketing

Webinar Q&A

Question: What advice would you give someone who is looking to add a marketing portal like this?
Answer: First, knowing and understanding what you need the most, or what your users will need the most. It won’t help to create templates or assets if you or your users won’t take advantage of them. Second, give yourself enough time to build out all of your assets in beginning before launching. We launched in January of 2015 and it took a few months to build out all the templates and get them functional because it’s a new system and you have to learn the tool first.
Question: How did you get buy-in from leadership?
Answer: We had to show the value in what we were currently doing, in our current workflow, and show that in using our current workflow we had to show leadership we couldn’t continue in that manner. We could not keep up with marketing for our organization, and had to equate to dollars to choices, one or the other. We had to show leadership in numbers that we had too much to do and not enough time, and that something needed to change. As far as investment, we were currently using a similar product to do some of this but it didn’t have nearly the amount of capabilities, so it’s one or the other.
Question: Are you able to review finished products for various locations before submitting to the public? Are you able to test and review?
Answer: That is a functionality that’s available through MarcomCentral, we don’t use it, but that is an option. I could have our assets sent directly to me for signoff before submitting for print, but we don’t do that. We make sure the templates are built well enough to maintain brand standards, so we know what we’re doing is brand compliant, so we trust what our users are producing is ready for public use.
Question: Do you have more info on metrics available, in terms of tracking users and downloads?
Answer: I usually pull a monthly download report, for both users and assets. You can drill down and see what asset is being used the most, which is a great metric to see if we need to create similar templates, and similarly get rid of templates that are never used. You can create all sorts of custom reports to see what is the most popular, and see what users are using the templates and the portal itself. There’s a lot of functionality within the reporting tool. And you can pull from whatever date range you choose.