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Watch the Recorded Webinar – Brand & Regulatory Compliance Across 2000+ Locations

Liberty Tax shared their strategy to manage multiple brands, eliminate one-off requests, and ensure regulatory compliance for over 2000 franchisees in this recorded webinar. Included below are some of the questions and answers from the live webinar.

Speaker: Oliver Dimanlanta: Director of Brand Imaging

Brand & Regulatory Compliance Across 2000+ Locations

Webinar Q&A

Question: Do you have a minimum on printing quantity?
Answer: You can have a minimum designated in MarcomCentral, but you don’t have to depending on your printer’s capability. If they are digital, they can print as little as 1.
Question: How did you get your staff to utilize the software? Our staff regularly accesses multiple platforms, so adding one more may cause an overload or people will not use it and keep creating their own.
Answer: We highlight success stories, and provide the ability to customize, which is what the staff wants. To make the login process easier, we use Single Sign On so the staff doesn’t have to login into multiple platforms.
Question: Can you provide some more info about how the system can be used for web content and social media?
Answer: MarcomCentral can be a centralized location to find web content like images, videos, case studies, etc. using a keyword search. There is a social media module that allows the user to access, customize social content within certain limits, preview the post in channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, and then post right from MarcomCentral.
Question: How do you manage the printing/costs associated for each location?
Answer: Cost centers can be set up to report on print costs by each user/location. There can also be user budgets set up for location.
Question: What types of approvals are required centrally after the field has customized a piece? If the creative is pre-approved and customization is limited to only those fields that are open to them, why is further approval required?
Answer: Further approval can be used if opening up the template to a lot of customization, or image upload. It’s not necessary and can be turned off on templates where customization is limited.
Question: Do your users typically need training to use the site?
Answer: The portal is very easy to use and intuitive. Our users didn’t need training. You can post videos, or recorded webinars on the ordering process on the home page. You are also assigned a Business Relationship Manager with your portal, so you have someone who can help you through every step.
Question: How complicated is the Salesforce.com integration?
Answer: Very easy- it’s already done. No custom engineering was needed. You can pull contacts directly from Salesforce and import them to MarcomCentral to pull in any variable data fields you like.
Question: Does your system auto-populate existing marketing materials in order to simplify the customization process?
Answer: Yes, the templates can auto populate content to make customization easier.