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Watch the Recorded Webinar – Ensure Your Marketing Content Stays in Compliance

When marketing content compliance is critical to your business, it becomes imperative to find a solution that can work effectively and quickly to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. Modern Woodmen’s Sarah Gillespie candidly shares the challenges they had in monitoring an infinite number of regulations across 47 states and tactical solutions they implemented.

Learn How to:

  • Eliminate rogue marketing materials
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and allow customization
  • Create marketing materials in minutes vs weeks

Webinar Q+As

Question: What was your implementation time?

Answer: 4-5 months

Question: How does the customization of a media piece actually occur? Does the system connect the personalization to a templated layout?

Answer: Templates start in InDesign, and are configured and uploaded to the MarcomCentral portal for personalization.

Question: Do you use this tool to review the pieces before compliance sign off?

Answer: We can have an approval process on customizable assets. Most content uploaded to MarcomCentral has been signed off by compliance.