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Watch the Recorded Webinar – Reducing One-Off Marketing Requests

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Randi Garrett, Marketing Manager at Genworth Mortgage Insurance, shared what strategies they implemented to reduce one-off requests and ensure brand and legal compliance in this recorded webinar. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the questions that the audience asked. Marketers across a variety of industries face similar struggles with limited budgets and resources to meet the demands of last minute requests.

Watch the Recorded Webinar Reducing One-Off Marketing Requests

Webinar Q+As

Question: How often do you refresh or update the system with new/fresh marcom, aside from rate changes?

Answer: We average one new product a week. This can be a new flier, Value Prop PPT slide, or email template.

Question: Do you allow authorized partners to use this system?

Answer: We don’t currently offer access to our outside partners. Although the system allows us to do so, we would have to make sure we are not offering something considered an operational cost offset for our customers due to our regulations.

Question: If you receive the ``one off`` requests, where content for that requests already exists, do you direct the sales people to the site, or do you send it to them directly from the request they sent in?

Answer: We do let them know the content does exist on the site and how to find it. If they are traveling and unable to find and place an order in time, we can impersonate them, customize and order the material for them.

Question: For presentations, since the requestor is able to choose individual slides as well as the full deck, do you maintain the presentations as full decks or as individual slides?

Answer: Within the site, the slides remain as individual images/slides. This allows for easier updates and for truly customized presentations. We do post the full deck on Salesforce where they can download it as is. No customization can be applied to the full deck download from Salesforce.

Question: How many people on your team manage this system?

Answer: Our full team knows how to create and upload products and maintain their collateral in the system. I am the main administrator on the site and maintain the databases, user setup, catalog structure, site offerings, and new hire training.