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Watch the Recorded Webinar – Create a One-Stop Shop for Sales

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This recorded webinar with Cox Business’ Beth Nix, Sales Enablement Marketing Manager, shares tactical steps, pitfalls to avoid, and what was learned along the way to a successful sales enablement strategy. Learn what strategies Cox Business implemented to create a one-stop shop for their field teams to enable quick and easy access to everything and anything, from pre-approved logos to customizable email templates. There’s a great Q& A at the end that goes even deeper into specifics.

What You will Gain from this Recorded Webinar:

  • How to create a one-stop shop for your field teams
  • How to ensure a high adoption & roll-out techniques
  • How to integrate into your current tech stack

Watch the Recorded Webinar Sales Enablement

Webinar Q+As

Question: Did you engage sellers in any sort of pilot prior to launch? If so, what were key learnings from this? Also, did you conduct any baseline sales surveys? Or did your baseline data consist of system reporting and output?

Answer: We didn’t do a pilot. We went straight to a phase one launch. We can always adjust the portal based on our learnings.

Question: Does this solution integrate with CRM (i,e. Salesforce)?

Answer: The portal does integrate with SF.com

Question: Does the solution have an implementation for SSO / USS?

Answer: Yes, the portal has SSO.

Question: Do you utilize back end fulfillment for marketing materials and how do you determine what resource to utilize?

Answer: Yes, we can set up approved vendors based on the material requested.

Question: Is it possible to update a document and have it updated within other doc packets wherever the same doc is used?

Answer: Yes, there is the ability to update content, documents, images in one library or data file and have it update anywhere the same content is used.