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Watch the Recorded Webinar – Bring Flexibility and Control to your Social Media Strategy

Lumentus Social

A key component of a successful social strategy is build your brand and increase awareness. This recorded webinar with MarcomCentral and Lumentus Social shares how you can your marketing department can automate consistent messaging and imagery across Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook in a single instance.

Key Highlights:

  • Ensure brand and messaging on social media
  • Bring flexibility and control to your company-wide social media strategy
  • Streamline content sharing across all 4 platforms

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Webinar Q+As

Question: I hear that long format content is making a comeback on Facebook. How do you feel about that in regards to the Rule of 1?
Answer: Give people a short post and a decision to read a longer version on Facebook or to leave Facebook and drive onto your website. The actual copy should still be short.
Question: Can we schedule multiple posts on behalf of multiple franchises?
Answer: Yes, in combination with MarcomCentral and Lumentus Social. Marketing departments create the content and the graphic piece and it is sent via the integration on behalf of the franchisees by 1) creating different groups and 2) scheduling out posts.
Question: You said to not ask people to “like” or “comment below” in our posts. What else can we do to increase engagement?
Answer: It was very effective in the past, but I would recommend to ask people a question…ask them to make a choice (which do you like better A or B?) or to “learn more” or “sign up” (both of which imply like).
Question: Should all my posts be the same on social networks?
Answer: Great question. In general, we do recommend customization. But bottom line is if you don’t have enough it’s better to post out same content than have nothing at all.