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The results speak for themselves

Their MarcomCentral portal was not only user-friendly but highly organized. Hide and seek was eliminated – all assets were clearly displayed within a user interface aimed at helping users find what they needed fast. Plus, unique user logins empowered everyone to have immediate access to only the campaigns that matched their need.

Valuable resources were saved, as creative teams could now spend more time creating than updating. Quick revisions to customize messaging were permitted by MarcomCentral, but only using dynamic content choices pre-authorized by the marketing team. Users now created custom, localized communications they needed but never beyond NRG brand boundaries. To keep pieces updated and sharable, the marketing team simply uploaded them to the portal. This accuracy of regulated data and messaging was something their legal and compliance teams also agreed were huge wins for the entire business.

The Results:

  • Full deployment: within 90 days
  • 100+ customizable marketing communications
  • 180 marcom orders already processed
  • 1700+ downloads
  • Nearly 95% of total users already using the portal
  • Integrating with their digital asset management system
  • More than 350 marketing assets


Communications were housed in a “junk drawer” which made locating collateral and distributing updated assets very difficult. Creative requests from the field were overwhelming the marketing department.

In less than 90 days, NRG had a custom, online marketing communications portal that housed 100+ customizable marcom pieces.