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Watch the Recorded Webinar on Building your Brand

A consistent voice is just as important as the “visual” brand to engage your audience. Learn how Orlando Health is able to ensure their 13,000+ team members & physicians communicate a consistent brand and message.

Strategies shared:

  • Trigger intelligent growth of your brand
  • Measure the ROI of automating creative requests and access to assets
  • Build and distribute brand-consistent materials

Orlando Health Webinar

Webinar Q+As

Question: Who built the BrandSource system for you (what agency)?

Answer: We built it with the help of MarcomCentral Services for branding, template building, and consulting.

Question: Did you build BrandSource from the ground up? Or is BrandSource a third-party tool that you customized for Orlando Health?

Answer: We used MarcomCentral as the platform. (3rd Party)

Question: Was an outside vendor used to build the BrandSource site? Is the site incorporated on your intranet or is it an external site?

Answer: The portal is accessed from our Intranet. We used MarcomCentral to help us build the portal.

Question: What software are the templates constructed in? Pros use Adobe, but most people don't have it.

Answer: The MarcomCentral template building software is a plug into Adobe InDesign and Adobe PDF.

Question: How long did it take to get all of this setup for your launch and how many assets did you launch with? Did your team do most of that work or did MarcomCentral?

Answer: It took 6 months to launch, and we used a hybrid of services from MarcomCentral and our own resources to launch.

Question: What vendor did you use to create/house BrandSource, and how long did it take to get up and running?

Answer: We use MarcomCentral. It took about 6 months to launch.

Question: Are your users required to get approval before releasing their brochures/flyers?

Answer: Certain customized brochures/fliers require approval before release. This approval process can be set up in MarcomCentral.

Question: Are the Users able to run any reports, such as YTD usage for budget purposes?
Answer: Yes, there is a full analytics and reporting dashboard for all asset utilization.
Question: Do you manage your users print production & vendor selection for them?
Answer: Yes, users can request print, it’s routed to vendors we have set up in the platform.
Question: Do you make/program your own templates or do you use Marcom for these?
Answer: We are trained on the template tools. We use a hybrid of internal resources to build templates, and services from MarcomCentral.