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Customer Case Studies

MarcomCentral customers share the marketing asset management challenges they faced and how they solved them in these case studies.


YMCA of Middle Tennessee Aids Rebrand with MarcomCentral

The YMCA (“Y”) of Middle Tennessee serves 268,000 people through its member locations and programs in Nashville and the surrounding areas. It’s one of the YMCA of USA’s 2600 local charters serviced by the National Resource office located in Chicago. Because of the Y, millions...

Cornerstone Enables Sales with Personalized Marketing

Prior to implementing MarcomCentral, the only way for Cornerstone employees, brokers, and partners to access marketing content was through the public website. This proved to be a problem for two reasons...

Delta Vacations Saves on Printing Costs with MarcomCentral

Delta Vacations needed to find a solution that would help limit their print spending, reduce custom requests, and enhance their brand reach. Read how MarcomCentral fits their needs and more!

Using a Brand Center to Build a Cohesive Brand at the New York Public Library

The NYPL brand center became a reality using marketing asset management technology from MarcomCentral. This brand center was fundamentally a place to “park” the NYPL’s brand guidelines, but also much more.

CoolSculpting Creates One-stop Shop for Marketing Assets Worldwide

Coolsculpting’s marketing team began searching for a one-stop shop marketing solution that could be easily accessed by end users and simply managed internally. As a global brand, CoolSculpting was drawn to MarcomCentral’s support for multiple languages.
Orlando Health

Orlando Health Aims to Communicate, Protect and Build their Brand with MarcomCentral

Using MarcomCentral, Orlando Health was able to implement a robust brand management strategy by developing brand guidelines, brand standards, asset libraries, a designer’s toolkit, copywriting guidelines, and ongoing training for vendors. These tools became the foundation for creating brand consistency and growth.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America Empowers over 4,300 Local Affiliates with Marketing Resources

The BGCA’s goal is to become the #1 youth advocate by serving even more kids and one of the best ways to accomplish that is through brand awareness. When executing their marketing programs, it’s crucial that the brand be consistent across all clubhouses and touchpoints.

NRG Energy Goes Beyond the Share Drive

Communications at NRG were housed in a “junk drawer” which made locating collateral and distributing updated assets very difficult. Creative requests from the field were overwhelming the marketing department.
Long John Silver's logo

Long John Silver’s: Local store marketing efforts were top of the menu

The response from franchisees has been amazing. They rave about their streamlined access to all the latest promotional creative and fulfillment options within their local areas and the removal of “roadblocks” to get those items.
Modern Woodmen logo

Modern Woodmen: Creating Compliant Marketing Pieces Sums Up Success

Modern Woodmen of America’s old-school marketing asset management solution needed to go.
The World Bank

The World Bank: MAM lends a helping hand to Printing & Multimedia Services

The in house Printing and Multimedia Services needed a marketing asset management solution that could facilitate headquarter operations as well as the multi-lingual and cultural environments of over 174 global offices.
Dow Corning logo

Dow Corning: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Redesign

The three “R’s” of the twenty-first century, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” have been joined by a fourth; “Redesign.” It is no longer enough to just do less and recycle; rather it is time to eliminate waste upstream during the concept and design of a product.
Monitronics logo

Monitronics International: Intelligent MAM Cuts Costs

Monitronics had an existing proprietary system that enabled the online ordering of preprinted marketing communications, but it was inefficient and costly to run.
Calise Partners Logo

Calise Partners Builds Efficiency with MarcomCentral

A marketing agency integrates MarcomCentral with their data management technology to help a customer manage over 200 monthly orders across 700 users.
ImageMark Logo

ImageMark’s Ambition Vision Becomes Reality

ImageMark increased sales almost 50% over a 4 year period after they began offering business development rather than just print to their customers through MarcomCentral web-to-print portals.
Pacful logo

Pacful's Reinvention with MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral’s expanded functionality empowered a California-based printing company to take on the unique challenge of reinventing themselves to begin offering the full spectrum of marcom needs to clients like VMware, Google, and Sony Computer Entertainment America.
The World Bank

The World Bank: MAM lends a helping hand to Printing & Multimedia Services

The in house Printing and Multimedia Services needed a marketing asset management solution that could facilitate headquarter operations as well as the multi-lingual and cultural environments of over 174 global offices.
DocuSign Logo

DocuSign: FusionPro® Expression to Add a Personal Touch to Email Communications

A/B email testing revealed that click-through rates nearly doubled using FusionPro Expression.
CP Graphics

CP Graphics: Theory into Profit with MarcomCentral

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, CP Graphics uses MarcomCentral to boost its marketing asset management capabilities and deliver new value, and billable services, to its clients.
Nissan logo

Nissan Ireland Manages Cost-Effective Marketing Campaigns with MarcomCentral

Nissan Ireland can launch and manage marketing campaigns within the group at a greatly reduced cost over traditional methods.
Prisma Graphics logo

Prisma Increases Sales 25% per year with MarcomCentral’s FusionPro Products

FusionPro® Desktop and FusionPro Server support sales growth of more than 25% per year.
MIT logo

MIT Develops Graphic Identity Program through MarcomCentral

Minuteman Press of Cambridge saved MIT approximately 50% in staff time and 22%-40% of print costs and integrated with SAP