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Demand Metric

Demand Metric: The State and Impact of Content Consistency

Are you looking to improve sales and marketing content across your organization, but not sure where to start? Review our full report to uncover a four-step action plan you can follow that will help improve the consistency of your content and give you a better understanding of how to reduce the creation of fragmented assets.
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eBook: Busting the 5 Myths About Marketing Asset Management, Digital Asset Management, and Project Management

What is Marketing Asset Management (MAM)? Isn’t it the same as Digital Asset Management (DAM?) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? How does it differ from Project Management? The truth is, the ways in which companies access, customize and distribute marketing materials has never been more complex. Because of this, many tools and processes have emerged to help companies control their brand materials effectively.

MarketingProfs: The Cure for your Brand Asset Headaches

Marketers in today's world are caught between the traditional ways of managing brand assets and the unprecedented speed with which these assets need to be created, distributed, maintained, integrated, tracked, analyzed, and updated. Yet the operational systems to do this are rarely in place.
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Local Store Marketing Personalization, Gleanster Deep Dive

We know from research that personalization of any kind can improve response rates by 3-5 times over generic communication. But personalization goes far beyond email salutations. And for retailers, it…

Marketing Asset Management, Brand Management’s Key to Success

MAM is becoming an increasingly important part of today’s corporate marketing structure. This paper outlines a re-defining of brand management and the challenges today’s marketer faces trying to control brand…
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The Marketer’s Guide to Content Management Technologies, Gleanster Deep Dive

A plethora of marketing acronyms exist in the marketing space today, including MAM, DAM, ECM, and WCM, that are difficult to decipher, and make it difficult for marketers to figure…
The Aberdeen Group

Marketing Asset Management, AberdeenGroup

Enjoy exclusive access to the Aberdeen Group Benchmark Report! Monitronics, a MarcomCentral client, is featured in this report as a case study on page 18. The content, topics, and data…

SGIA Journal: Digital Asset Management Software Retooled for Omni-Channel Marketing

SGIA features MarcomCentral Web-to-Print as a distributed digital asset management solution that automates the access, creation and delivery of brand-consistent marketing and sales materials.
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WhatTheyThink: Are You Talking to Brand Owners?

As printing companies continue to transform their businesses by offering marketing related services, establishing direct communication with the person responsible for driving brand initiatives at client or prospect companies can pay big dividends.
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In-Plant Graphics Features World Bank’s New Streamlined Operation

By using MarcomCentral to help its scattered staff communicate, incorporating audiovisual services and implementing the latest digital and inkjet technologies, The World Bank’s printing and multimedia services operation is moving in all the right directions.
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WhatTheyThink: Future-Proofing Your Business (Part 1)

Basic information that will help you in offering the right type of marketing resource management services to an existing or prospective customer.
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WhatTheyThink: Future-Proofing Your Business: People. Process. Technology (Part 2)

Many in the printing industry are working to reinvent their own businesses, and in that process, shifting to more of a marketing services focus. That means that we are trying to learn about marketing, while at the same time, marketers are trying to unlearn marketing in order to reinvent it! Quite a conundrum.
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WhatTheyThink: Web-to-Print Product Spotlight on MarcomCentral

Software Consultant and industry expert Jen Matt reviews the core features of MarcomCentral and how the software empowers print to continue evolving in a digital world.
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WhatTheyThink Whitepaper – Acquiring, Selling and Maintaining an Exceptional Customer Web Experience

Tips, hints and guidance for selecting, implementing, maintaining and selling the class of solutions often referred to as “web-to-print,” but which in face operate on a much broader scale than simply streamlining the procurement and management of printed materials.