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Customer Testimonials

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Hear how our clients across a wide range of industries are solving their marketing challenges with MarcomCentral.
Merz Video Testimonial

Merz – Video Testimonial

See how Merz is using MarcomCentral to create one-stop access to downloadable marketing materials for multiple products and brands.
Wendy Suljak, CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq – Video Testimonial

See how CoolSculpting by Zeltiq ensures brand consistency across their organization while empowering their 4900+ users to create the unique and personal marketing pieces they need.
Toro testimonial

The Toro Company – Video Testimonial

“MarcomCentral is a great way to show our distributors that we value them by giving them a tool that helps them do more with their own marketing.”
Les Barker

The World Bank – Video Testimonial

Being a global entity can present some major communication challenges. They needed a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment where all offices could access, localize and distribute the latest marketing materials.
Shannon Burke - Globus

Globus – Video Testimonial

“We have over 150 customizable assets that are now easy to find”
Obagi customer testimonial

Obagi Medical – Video Testimonial

“Our old portal setup wasn’t working well, and the agency we were using were the ones who actually recommended we should check out MarcomCentral as a better option.”
Modern Woodmen customer testimonial

Modern Woodmen – Video Testimonial

“The ability for our field representatives to customize materials when they want to and within our guidelines trumps all other benefits and features.”
CP Graphics customer testimonial

CP Graphics – Video Testimonial

With a theory that there would be high demand for robust online asset management and ordering, CP Graphics chose MarcomCentral to boost it's capabilities and deliver new value, and billable services, to its clients.