Local Store Marketing

Targets consumers and businesses within a specific mile radius. LSM is a proven, long-term tactic of food service organizations, however, it’s also being used more frequently by franchises of all industries to differentiate their products and services in increasingly competitive markets.

Whether advertising a menu tasting, joint promotion with a complimentary business, or donation of store space for a community event, localizing marketing efforts is a key way to increase positive perceptions and consequent sales. Utilizing a local store marketing platform is a great tool to keep all of these local communications on-brand and relevant to a company’s core messaging. Managed by the corporate marketing group, the platform allows local stores, branches, sales and field teams, and other authorized users real-time access to everything from direct mailers and physical promotional items, to flyers and seasonal signage. Pre-set access rights determine who can utilize which items; dynamic content choices allow for customization that never strays outside of brand guidelines.