MarcomCentral Overview

MarcomCentral is an online, on-demand Marketing Asset Management platform. MarcomCentral provides a robust and comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portal which can be managed by an enterprise marketing group, and serves as a central point for compliant marketing communications.

Channels, franchises, branches and field teams can access your marketing materials from anywhere at any time from one go-to, web-based marketing hub. Then they can customize or personalize messaging to engage any audience at every stage of a campaign, while still retaining 100% brand compliance.

Minimize Redundant Applications, Work Hours, and Maintenance.

Assets found within MarcomCentral portals can include everything from Human Resources paperwork, brand guidelines, and expense worksheets, to competitive analysis, collaboration tools, advertisements, and sales sheets. Many of these resources can be customized based on content rules and logic established by your marketing team. MarcomCentral’s marketing asset management system ensures ALL marketing communications feature the latest information, and are 100% compliant with your organizations marcom standards.