Recorded Webinar

Start Preparing Your Brand For Omnichannel Content Management


Ryan Skinner

Senior Analyst at Forrester

A London-based senior analyst at Forrester, Ryan Skinner focuses his research on helping B2C and B2B marketing leaders to create well-inspired customer engagement strategies, and the content, processes, and systems that underpin it.

Marketers are feeling the hurt of modern customer engagement. Pepsi’s president Brad Jakeman put it sharply: “It was once sufficient for us to produce four pieces of content a year — mainly TV — and we could spend about six to eight months developing that one piece of content and spend $1 million on each piece of film. Now, that four pieces has turned into 4,000; eight months has changed to eight days and eight hours; and budgets have not gone up.”1  Failure to address the pain results in dysfunctional and frustrated marketing teams, and – worse – bad customer experiences. What’s needed is an organizational pivot from a channel and campaign focus, to a customer and content focus. That shift demands a new strategy and new technology. Join this webinar to hear guest speaker Forrester’s Ryan Skinner describe:

  • The steady rise of customer-driven content demands
  • What the pivot to omnichannel content management means
  • How a number of technologies play in the omnichannel picture


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