Recorded Webinar

Bring Flexibility and Control to your Social Media Strategy

Lumentus Social

Forrest Leighton

VP of Marketing, MarcomCentral

Adam Selig

Managing Partner & COO, Lumentus Social

A powerful integration between MarcomCentral and Lumentus Social enables marketing departments to automate consistent messaging and imagery across all four platforms in a single instance. Forrest Leighton, VP Marketing at MarcomCentral and Adam Selig, CEP of Lumentus social take attendees through tips for a successful social strategy and shares how to ensure your social media posts are on-message and brand.

Key Highlights:

  • Ensure brand and messaging on social media
  • Bring flexibility and control to your company-wide social media strategy
  • Streamline content sharing across all 4 platforms

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About Lumentus Social

Lumentus Social is a social media management and content sharing technology designed to help social media users with the hardest and most time consuming aspects of engaging with their audiences. The easy to use platform maximizes the effectiveness of social media and significantly reduces the time to distribute content through social channels.