Recorded Webinar

Hey Marketing! Is Sales even using the Collateral? (15 Min Webinar)

Matthew Roberts

Director of Marketing, MarcomCentral

It may surprise you that your organization’s Sales team is not using all that beautiful collateral the Marketing department is creating (hint of sarcasm should be noted).  The thing is, it’s not their fault and it’s not Marketing’s fault either. Reason being is there is an inherent lack of knowledge sharing between the two teams in a traditional marcom setting. Marketing creates assets and delivers them to Sales. End of story.

In this webinar, I’ll be sharing how MarcomCentral helps organizations change that one-way flow of communication. The presentation will cover where Marketing can optimize the asset creation process by having visibility into what assets are used most frequently, which are the most successful, and which are the lowest performers.


  • The most requested collateral from Sales
  • How to create better two way communication between Marketing and Sales
  • Using analytics to improve efficiency and visibility

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