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Enable Your Sales Teams

Store static or dynamic playbooks, onboarding kits, contracting paperwork, PowerPoint presentations, HTML, rich media files, and more in one online location your sales team can access whenever, wherever.


Ensure 100% Brand Consistency

Feel confident knowing the marketing materials your sales teams use in the field are always on-brand and compliant by only housing assets that are pre-approved in your online brand center.


Foster Sales & Marketing Alignment

MarcomCentral seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, giving your sales team an easy way to personalize marketing materials with specific data that speaks to each unique customer.

Our Customers


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Capterra User Reviews

“The software is extremely easy to use and MarcomCentral is always looking for ways to evolve to meet our growing needs. As we expand how we want to use it, they are willing to develop new applications to support our growing needs.”

- Cox Business

“The fact that so many of our requirements come standard out of the box made implementing this system relatively easy. We did have some custom requirements as well, but the team handled the design and functionality like pros.”

- Blue Shield of California

“This software has truly revolutionized how our sales department can access, customize, order and distribute our marketing materials. Although it does still happen, having MarcomCentral has really cut back on the one-off requests that our team used to have to drop everything to address.”

- Genworth Mortgage Insurance

“Our field knows that whatever they download from our Marcom portal is corporate-approved collateral and the most up-to-date. I would highly recommend MarcomCentral to any and every organization!”

- Holiday Retirement

How it Works



The marketing department creates a central repository where all approved marketing assets are housed in the MarcomCentral cloud-based portal. Based on permissions, users can access the marketing assets from anywhere in the world, at any time, therefore eliminating outdated assets located on multiple shared drives.

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Once a user has selected a marketing piece they want to use, they can edit content blocks through an easy-to-use template system, to customize the marketing piece with personalized text, imagery, or contact information. This allows users the ability to target specific markets with tailored content at a moment’s notice.



After a marketing piece has been selected and customized, users have the option to instantly download, email, print order, or post it to social media channels. This self-service function means users of MarcomCentral get the materials they need quickly and the marketing department frees up much needed time and resources.